Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Speed Test

65 wordsSpeed test

Wow! Hard to believe that I can type so fast! I think my colleague that is sitting few feet away from me will start to complain that I type very noisy and fast. Can't help it lar when I am excited! Actually, when I was studying for my diploma, I took a typing class. You know, those that teaches you to type using those really big heavy ancient typewriters!

The reason I quit? The instructor actually complaint that I typed too fast which in turn cause the key to stick to one another. After that, I decided to stop going to the classes. So, I learned half-half only. Now, only my left hand can type using the correct fingers to the right keys. My right hand is still using the one-finger typing mode. I guess to type fast than the 65words per minute, I should force myself to train my right hand as well.

After that, hopefully, my hand will be able to catch up with my thoughts. Then I can really bug you all and talk non-stop on the blog! hahaha!!!


Rabbit said...

Hey there!

I got all excited when i saw the test here in your post. And so i tried it and my bf could even hear me typing over the msn phone calls. -__-

I can type 81 words per minute! *gasp*

eh are u a lefty. else why u cud type faster with ur left hand while the other hand is one-finger typing. haha!

Jen's Place said...

hehehe, guess when we are excited we just forget how loud we are:P


I am not a lefty boh but my mom is. Not sure how come one hand can n the other hand cant. Wish I can train the right hand to think like the left hand and then I will be able to type faster

Rabbit said...

okay rematch! U try first and tell me how many words per minute! =D

Dav DiDi said...

hhmmmm ..... mine 76 .. very dissapointed coz lastime more than 90 :(

Jen's Place said...

Dont be greedy! haha..
76 is good liaw..at least can update the blog very fast! haha

Jen's Place said...

orang cina pantang dicabar! Yeahh..rematch..ermm..postpone 1st until I practice again and again and again until become 100 wpm? hehehehehe!!