Monday, February 25, 2008

Lonely Day

The office is very sunyi (lonely) today with one of my colleague gone off to Germany for the staff-exchange program that my company just recently decided to adopt for my department. Usually when we come in the morning, we will exchange news and update each other over breakfast.

After that, then we will open our email and slowly ease into our daily routine. Occasionally, we will slap the back of each other chair when we want to ask about something or just want to vent our frustration. Even though the two of us still do chit chat and is still very close, we are not as chatty as last time.

Last time, when we were in the old office, I guess the sitting arrangement allows the fours of us girls (there were four of us then) to just ask questions from our seat to the girl a few seats away from us and at the same time look at the computer screen. Allowing us to multi-task and at the same time have fun doing things. Yah, I do admit that we were very noisy and loud last time but I never remembered being complaint or shush before. Or maybe no one have the heart to do that to us four cute adorable likable girls? (hahaha!)

Actually, we did asked the guys sitting near us a few times if we are irritating them with our chattiness and laughter. They always replied no, we didn't hear anything ler. They say actually they are ok with that since it makes the place more livelier and that we don't do that all the time. Of course we dont do that all the time mar. How can we? We still have our workload to do and we still have deadlines to meet. Just that occasionally, we do need an outlet to release our stress. And furthermore, when you put four bubbly happy customer service girls together, what do you expect? And by pure chance, all of us four girls are able to click and became very close. Now, that is how teamwork can be foster in a department!

As I was saying, we are missing that colleague of mine so much that we even talked about her during lunch, wondering what she is doing at the moment. Trying to calculate the time difference and figured that she still in bed when we were having lunch! And of course, we just have to wonder whether the son cried or not this morning when he sees that his mom is not around when he woke up. Cant help it especially since we been following that colleague to pick her son from the kindy and back to her MIL house before we go for our lunch. On top of that, of course, we are kepoh (busybodies) bahhh!!! hahahaha..

Oh yah, one more thing, for those of you that have kids, be careful! It seems that the HFM (Hand Food Mouth Disease) is back. Some parents might not even be aware that their kids have fever or is sick and send the kid to kindy. Kid being kid, they might not act or look sick but in fact they might have mild fever or something like that. So, be careful. Not sure how but I guess make sure your kid practice hygiene and make sure that the kindy/playschool there are at is diligent about checking kids for fever or signs of HFM. Better be safe than sorry...

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