Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shopping Online for CNY

This is a season to be jolly, fa-lalala-lala. OOPS! Wrong season! Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni! Phew, I guess I am still in Christmas mood although Chinese New Year is actually the day after tomorrow. And tomorrow night we will be having our reunion dinner. This year, the dinner will be slightly different for my family. Usually, we will just have the dinner on the eve of the CNY just among the few of us in the family, dad & mom, sis, bro and myself. For the pass few years, I will be the one organising the whole thing from deciding what to cook, when to go marketing and what to buy.

But this year, early last week, dad suddenly told us that our auntie (dad's youngest sister) invited the whole family to have the reunion dinner at her house. We will pick grandma from the nursing home and have a nice family dinner together. And mom & dad actually done most of the marketing since the weekend since I am not taking much time off. As usual, dad & mom bought too much of everything. Imagine buying over RM150 worth of poultry and RM200 worth of roasted chicken, duck, braised pork, etc. I want to faint when I hear about it from my brother. Dad's excuse was so that we have food on the first few days of CNY.

Oh well, at least we can freeze the stuff and keep for a few month? Mom was nagging about going to town to buy a drink serving tray last night but in the end she agreed not to when we all basically refuse to drive to town and be stuck in jam for many hours. Today, it is worse. I believe most people have started taking their leave yesterday and is flooding the supermarkets and shopping malls to do last minute shopping. Even during lunch just now, we met a mini jam outside BDC Everise! I imagine it will be worse tonight!

All this makes me seriously think about online shopping but I other than purchasing AirAsia ticket online, I have never trusted online shopping. Suffice to say that all the horror stories of being cheated is enough to put me off. But I 'stumbled' (ok, so I was blog hopping. bluek!) on the website on Ashop Commerce which is one of the US based provider that host the shopping cart software. Ashop even boasted the ability to provide the highest ranking on most search engines through their easy to use ecommerce software. By providing 100% optimised shopping cart, merchants and consumers can both rest assured that the best and most secured online shopping experience is available.

Perhaps next year I can consider starting up my own business selling cookies, cakes and homemade dried pork as side income during festive season? Or rekindle my dream to start up my own business but instead of opening a real store, to open on on the web. Will someone kick me so that I will make that first big leap?

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