Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finally Approved

Money will always be a concern for most of us I guess. I mean, of course money is not everything but without money in this modern world, it will be extremely hard to survive. Even with the income that one earn from work is sometimes not enough especially the current price raise in almost everything. To make matter worse, the traders and business people try to take advantage and use the price hike in commodity such as flour to further increase the price of goods without much sense to consumer like me.

I guess that is why I was so worried about the move to KL. With the rumors that there will be a big possibility of petrol price hike this year, everyone have some kind of speculation as to how much it will increase. Some say as much as 30cents per litre. That means approximately 15% increase. Imagine if the weekly petrol consumption on average now is RM50, if the price of petrol really does go up as much as 15%, it would mean additional RM7.5 per week. It might not seem like much but from the trend, when petrol increase, the inflation flood gate will open wide and chain reaction will happen. Does that mean I will be paying RM2 per can of Cola at the coffeeshop?

When I started blogging, I actually was thinking of using this as a way to make more friends from all the place and ultimately build network. To be, blogging is where I can express my feelings in words and share with others how I feel, especially all the frustration. Yes, also a place to release my stress and complain all I want about those that makes me really mad. But that is another topic (or few topics on its on for next time!)

Anyway, I was really excited about the prospect of blogging and get paid for blogging. This is totally new to me. All this while, I always assume that those that go online to blog is simply to fill up their time and have nothing better to do. Never in my wildness imagination would I think of blogging as a source of side income. I mean, I know about all the MLM and Network Marketing which is a nice way to call direct marketing such as Amway. But blogging and get paid to blog? Is that even possible?

But after checking out Smorty, I am basically hooked! Basically it connects the advertisers with the bloggers to advertise on blogs to have more wide coverage. After all, the only place that is really borderless is in the cyberworld. Blog advertising is actually a really smart way to go. Not only it is more cost effective but more efficient in term of coverage as well. The bloggers with say 20 unique viewer per day will mean the potential for advertiser to let 20 different people from all over the world know about their products or services.

Anyway, What a nice ang pau for CNY 2008. I can see the money come rolling in instead of having wings and fly away. So, I guess the year of the rat is not a total unlucky year for me if I can blog for money.

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