Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paradigm Shift

Yawn! I am in my office this morning trying to get my act together. There are just too many reports to complete and I simply can't do them during the normal working hour with Obi breathing down my neck asking for updates for every little tiny things. After almost a year taking over the group, I am still trying really hard to understand her and give her a chance. There were even rumors that she is knows her weaknesses and is trying to change. The rumors might be true because we do see a slight change in her especially in the way she dress (not that it help much to her appearance but at least she tries!). She even start to leave us alone and trust us with out work (most of the time anyways, which is a great achievement for her).

But after just a few weeks, she seems to be going back to her old ways. Can't blame her I guess. After all, we did study during college years that human behavior is the hardest to change. And in order to change a human behavior or shift their paradigm, the only way is if the person want to change. Or else, outside influence will only do make a very small dent which can be repaired almost immediately. In which case, the person will then go back to the original habits and believes. The easiest way to change or influence someone's behavior is when they are still children. (Can't imagine Obi as a little gal!!!)

I guess that is why babe is worried about raising kids in KL because he is worried about peer pressure. He is asking me again if I think we can come back to Kuching and work here in 10 years time. In fact, we had a bet on it because I said that by then we won't want to come back because we would have gotten so used to the life there. I gave him examples of some of our friends there from Kuching that always say that they will come back to Kuching one day. But up to now, it remain a dream. Babe disagree. He say maybe in 10 years time I don't have to work and can be a housewife when we move back to Kuching. WOW, I never thought he feel so strongly about this. Guess we will know in Year 2018.

Babe is coming back on 29 Feb for the weekend to meet up with my dad. And then he will go back to KL on 2 Mar. A really short trip but since my dad practically insist that he at least meet up with him to discuss our plans, so he better do that. Actually, both babe and I always assumed that it is sufficient that his mom and relatives came on behalf of him to propose. However, my dad would much rather if babe himself come and discuss the matter with him. Babe told me that when he called my dad, my dad said that just babe, babe's mom & sisters is sufficient for the discussion. No need to bring the whole entourage this time. hahaha..guess dad really got a shocked that time.

As I said, never assumed what the old people think. We, the younger generation (not that I am very young) might think of one thing but parents will think of 10 different things about the same topic. I guess they have much more to worry about especially when it comes to their rather rebellious daughter! I must admit, looking back, some of the things that I rebel about was rather hilarious. But I guess at the time, it is very important to me. I guess 10 years from now, looking back at this few months would be a unforgettable memory as well. Something that I will share with my kids and grandkids in the future...

Gosh, I am being melancholic again. Maybe it is because there is NO ONE ELSE in the office now except me. Too lazy to go lunch..hahaha..Didi warned me about getting gastric (Ain't she nice!). Sigh, I will definitely miss all of my colleagues. One of the best choices that I made in my life was to decide to work here. This is where I met some of the nicest people that is now my close friends. I sincerely hope that once I am not working here, we are able to keep in contact. But sometimes, distance make this rather hard. Sigh..

Friends, although there are times that we do not talk much at all or communicate much with each other. I will always be there whenever you need me. All it take is a phone call, sms, email or call for help, and I will try my best to help or just be a listening ear and shoulder to cry on...


Windy said...

Hi JenJen, you have a tag from me, and hope you will like it. :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Windy,
Thanks for the tag^_^.

Rose said...

Jen, distance may make it hard for us to meet, but we can always keep in touch in other form! Blog for instead? Hahaha!

Good luck in your future undertaking and keep in touch too!! Just before you off to KL, maybe we can meet up and have a drink some sort??

Jen's Place said...

Of course can! Tell me time & date & where and I will be there^_^