Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Perfect Boyfriend/ Hubby

Received an email from Didi on the definition of the Perfect Boyfriend. I think it is rather sweet and glad to know that my babe is almost perfect *wink*

So here is the list of what a perfect boyfriend should do:
• he give her one of your t-shirts to sleep in.
I guess we all seen this on movies where the gal will spend the night and wake up wearing his shirt and walk around in the kitchen.

• leave her cute text notes.
Babe don't leave cute text notes but rather, he sms. Modern mar..hehe

• kiss her in front of your friends.
Public display of Affection (PDA) is something that babe don't often do because to him, those are private moments. But of course, having said that, kissing at the stroke of midnight during New Year Eve, Christmas, etc in a crowd is sort of like a tradition to reaffirm our love for each other.

• tell her she is gorgeous..
Telling the gal that she is gorgeous (and MEAN it!) is a high point scorer for any guy. All gals want to know that their bf/hubby think they are the prettiest woman in the world even if she feel fat at the time.

• look into her eyes when you talk to her.
Oh boy, I remember when babe and I were always gazing into each other eyes and let sparks flies when we just start dating. That aside, i think it is common courtesy to look at someone when they are talking right?

• let her mess with your hair
I don't know why but gals just love to run their hand thru their bf/hubby hair.

• touch her hair.
And gals like to have their hair touch, caress and kissed by the one they love! That just gives me warm comfy feeling thinking about it.

• just walk around with her.
Hmm..walking around as in just walking is ok. But if I go shopping, I rather leave him at home.hahaha..

I think this goes both way. Forgive each other. We are all human and we make mistakes.

• look at her like she`s the only one you see.
Babe is really good at this actually. I am one of those few lucky ones that I know I can always trust my babe that I am the only one for him.

• tickle her even when she says stop.
Eiks! I don't like this! I prefer to be the one tickling him! haha

• hold her hand when you`re around your friends.
So sweet right?????

• when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her.
Good strategy. Catch her by surprise...

• let her fall asleep in your arms..
Sigh..I miss my babe!!!

• get her mad, then kiss her.
OOii..nothing better to do ah? hahaha.. But I guess it adds spice to the relationship as long as it is just teasing!

• tease her and let her tease you back.
Trust me, this is how to make a relationship last (erm..almost type lust! haha). Having fun while being in love^_^

• stay up all night with her when she`s sick.
Babe actually hold me tight and keep checking my forehead for temperature when I was sicked the last time that we went to Genting. Don't know why, I always fall sick when I visit Genting.

• watch her favorite movie with her.
Helps if both our movie preference is similar.

• kiss her forehead.
Not sure about this. I guess it is suppose to show affection. Sort of like you are the little gal and he is taking care of you

• give her the world.
Sacrifices comes with all relationship right? Just make sure she knows the sacrifices you make.

• write her letters.
Email count? haha..actually I am the one that wrote him those love emails, confessing my feelings to him. Usually, no reaction or response from him but I know that he likes them.

• kiss her in the pouring rain.
I rather cuddle

Wow...didnt realised that this thing is so loso and long! Anyways, there is no fixed and firmed rule of being the perfect bf/hubby. Most important is to show your affection & be sincere. Which I believe will come naturally when you care and love someone


Rose said...

Tell me where I can find the perfect bf/hubby, I want to know! Hahahah!

Jen's Place said...

Nevermind, we will settle for almost perfect..hehehe

Dav DiDi said...

Jen, I eat myself by forward this to bf .. That night, he keep on tickle me :(

Jen's Place said...

hahahaha..I dun bother to email to babe bcos he will pretend to act blur n make duno!