Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Homecook Dinner

Was browsing through my pic in KL and found some of the pictures of the dishes that I cooked for my babe while we were there. The dishes were very simple but babe love them because he missed homecook food. I guess when you are staying away from home (and capable gf *wink*), very kolian (pitiful) because always need to takeaway food from cafe. If you are lucky, might be able to find some fastfood at the coffeeshop that serve food that tasted almost like the homecook.

But least now babe is better than when he just went to KL. The first few months he stayed with a friend, he said that he will only eat crackers and milo for breakfast and lunch since the friend don't eat at home and hence, the fridge do not have any food to cook. I was worried sick because even dinner, he sometimes will only have them around 11pm or midnight when the friend is back so that they can go eat together outside. When I went over, I realised that the mamak are only 15minutes walk from the house! There are also 7-11 near the mamak and convenient shops. When I asked why he didn't walk there and eat or takeaway, he said lazy. Gggrr....men~! Want to pengsan (faint) I hear him.

Broiled pork with fried shallots and ginger crisp

Meatball Soup (The broth is left over from after broiling the pork)

Brocolli with soya pork

Simple meals but a healthier choice as we know exactly what was put into the food. Hopefully once babe & I get our own place and I start my new work, I will still have time to cook us dinner as often as possible. But looking at things, seems like most meals will be takeaway and the opportunity to cook maybe will only be during weekends and holidays.


Colin Kueh said...

hehe.. homecook food definitely taste nicer compare to other meals...happy are those man can enjoy nice and warmth home cook food

Jen's Place said...

hahaha...then my babe will be very very happy man

ratu syura said...

he's definitely a lucky guy! home cooked meals are always the best and could always mend a homesick heart! hehe.. how sweet of you! ;)

Deana E said...

not bad..wow can cook..

Jen's Place said...

ratu syura,
hehe..maybe that is why he missed me so much when I was not there by his side:P

Jen's Place said...

Eiks! Shy lar..simple cooking only..