Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Poor Heroes

For those of you watching Heroes Season 2, just a reminder to cherish each of the episodes that is already on or will be on because the last one might end at episode 11. Yap, just 11 because of the writers strike that is currently happening in US now.

Season 2 was supposed to be two volumes and the 2nd volume is from episode 1-11 and volume 3 from 12-23. However, when the strike was unavoideable, episode 11 might as well become the season finale. The production of Heroes has to shut down when the directors, cast and creators refused to cross the picket lines and joined them instead, which was on 11 Dec.

Guess with no quick resolution soon, there is a high possibility that the rest of the episodes not being able to come shot quickly enough. Sigh so sad but we cant blame them I guess. I just home the things gets resolved soon...

For more detail, view here

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