Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNY, Gathering, Flood and Gambling

Today is the 8th day of the new Lunar Year and we are half way through the Chinese New Year celebration. Traditionally, the first 15 days of the lunar year is reserved as auspicious time of the year and is to be celebrated throughout the 15 days.. Nowadays, except for the first few days, I think most of us will be too embarrassed even to visit friends or invite anyone over as most of the goodies are gone.

I missed the good old days when we were all still studying in College. That was the time when we are not too old to be burdened with worries of the world but not too young to enjoy it. I still remember a Chinese New Year gathering that we had once upon a time (Can't even remember how long ago that was). We had all gathered at one of the friends house and the plan was to visit each other and will end at my house for dinner and gambling (Not something to be missed during CNY okie!).

By the time the troop reach my place, I think the sky has start to darken considerably although it was still pretty early in the evening. On top of that, it has been raining on and off throughout the day too. We are hearing news that some low land are starting to have floods. We were not worried since my house then was located in a place that has never suffer from any floods throughout the ten years that I have stayed there. But little did we know, by the time the friends were ready to leave, the flood was actually starting outside my house. Good thing it was not too bad, only a few inches but the road leading out from the estate was very bad.

The gang ended up leaving my house around 3 in the morning. And my brother was stranded at his friends house until the next day. It was definitely an experience that was hard to forget. I think that must have been almost ten years ago but it is still fresh in my mind when my friends are frantically trying to call their family and reassure them that they are alright but stranded at my house. Thinking back, what if we had gone home earlier and gamble on the online casino instead. But I guess back then, when internet was not so popular among Malaysian yet, the idea of gambling online was rather scary. If there were websites that does online casino review to help filter through the online casinos and help the players to have a more memorable, hassle free and safe environment, most definitely we will have more confident to log on and start having fun.

Oh well, I guess that is something to be considered next year during the Chinese New Year. This year, sufficient to say that other than the first two days, I became the Queen of Hibernation and stayed glued to the tv, bed, laptop and food.


Rose said...

That were the old days, Jen! Gone were those days, when we were energetic and never bother whether the sky is going to fall down on our heads! Hahaha!

Gambling? long time I didnt gamble during CNY, I didnt missed them! But I believe I wouldnt be able to stop my itchy hands once i start gambling! Hahahah!

Jen's Place said...

haha..yah the good old days where we were fearless no matter what...
Havent been gambling actually since the last gathering.

Rose said...

I remember that year when we gambled at ur house! thank god me and hubby (that time still bf lah) went home earlier as need to send Lawrence home! Otherwise sure we need to sleep over your house! hhaahah!

But I reach home ard 12midnite! All roads are flooded and most car stranded there, some more still heavy rain that unforgettable memory for me too!!

Jen's Place said...

Gosh totally forgotten that you left early that night with Big J and Lawrence.