Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Idol Idol Idol......

I really pity the contestants in the American Idol. I mean, I am sure before they joined AI, no one ever tell them that they absolutely have no singing talent despite the fact that fact that their friends, relatives and family told them that they have great voice and can sing very very well. Not only that, judges (yah, especially Simon) does not only insults their singing abilities but since the contestants can play musical instruments while they are singing, they get insulted for their ability to play them as well!

I was actually sitting in front of the tv and waving my hand in slapping (trying to slap lar) one of the contestant that start CRYING when the judges start to criticize HIM! Yah, a 18 year old crying like a baby on stage and then backstage after the judges say YES to him! sheesh! Dont understand why they actually put themselves through all the embarrassment. Dont they know that AI is not only viewed in America but almost all parts of the world? I simply cannot imagine putting myself on stage for no matter what reason unless I am reasonably confident that I am very good at what I will present.

Wait a minute. I forgot that those contestant were told by their friends, relatives and family that they are good. Then, WHY would those people lie to them! It is better to be cruel to be nice right? What if one day their grandkids saw the video clips of them making a joke out of themselves on AI? Ai yai yai...I suppose he/she can always say: Well, kids, I was misled into believing that I was that good...Apparently your great grandmother decided to lie instead of breaking my heart and let big jerk Simon break it instead.

hhmm...I wonder how much they pay Simon to be frank and to tell the truth? Oh yah, and how many bodyguards AI producer provide him. Ooo, how much would his insurance cost??? hahaha. Ok ok, enough badgering Simon. He is the only honest God fearing person in the entire AI judges panel that tells the truth and speaks his mind without all the twist and turn. Hei, he is even cute for an ang moh..


Nick Phillips said...

LOL Jen! I think the drama is what sells the show! Everyone loves seeing someone make a fool of themselves on public TV, not forgetting that Simon Cowell fellow. If it was just for the singing, the show would be absolutely boring.

And with that said and don, I can't wait for more AI drama tonight :D

Jen's Place said...

Hehe..that is looking at the things from the other side of the coin! You are right that without drama, no one will want to watch the reality shows..

But having said that, I dont think I will have the nerve to put myself through things like that!