Friday, February 8, 2008

Living in a small world...

Today is the 2nd day of CNY and here I am at 8.30pm and feeling so sleepy that I cant hardly keep my eyes open. So, please forgive me if the words sound a little incoherent or have too many typo. At this point, I am just too lazy to do any editing. Ermm, seems that I been saying I am lazy very often recently dont I? I wonder why? I mean, by nature, I am not the type of gal that can just sit still and stare into nothing. I must have something to do or else I will feel as if the time is at stand still.

But recently, all I feel like doing is curl up in bed with my big pink Watson stuffed dog and sleep the day away or just lie down doing nothing and let the mind wander to whatever and wherever. I dont even feel like reading much or watching tv. Not sure what this is a sign of but occasionally when I have the sudden enlightenment, I will feel like changing and stop procrastinating. Or maybe I am just over-doing things and it is my body way of telling me to slow down? Or could it be because I have not been exercising for the pass 2-3weeks?

Speaking of exercising, people are always talking about how small the world is. Well, today I got first hand experience on how small it is. Apparently, my bro who is a teacher had a new colleague recently, just 2 weeks. And today the colleague together with his wife and kids visited us. I was in the kitchen getting the drinks and curry for the guests (as usual). And I can hear mom chatting with the wife rather animated. (Mom can be anyone best friend in 5 minutes. She can even chat like old friend with the person behind her at the cashier counter. When we ask mom if she know the lady, she will say no and she been talking to her for more than half hour! hahaha..)

When I came out with the drinks, the wife looks very familiar. Then I realised that she is actually the instructor at the aerobic classes that I been going to! Some people say that there is no such thing as coincidence. But I say, there is no fate without coincidence. Think back to how you meet your partner. I mean, there are billion and trillion people all over the world. And there are hundreds and hundreds of people in your own backyard. So, how come of all this people, you managed to meet the one person that you are willing to live the rest of your life with. And what more, to have kids and raise them together?If the two of you have not coincidentally met and let fate do the rest of the work, then I am not sure what you call it.

Oh boy, I think the holiday and laziness really is getting to me and making me philosophical. Right, I better stop my yapping and nonsense...for now anyways. hehehe..


Nick Phillips said...

The world can really be a small place. There was a time long ago I was sitting for my driving test and the guy sitting next to me happened to be my old long lost school friend. Of course we didn't recognize each other until after the test ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

didnt recognise each other till after the test? hhmm...either u r nervous or he is:P

anyway, yap, the world is getting smaller n smaller all the time!