Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beyond Caring

I finally tell my dad about the job offer from KL. He didnt say much except whether the salary is enough to cover the living expenses or not. Also what are the benefit. I think I get away from this with similar feeling as Didi on one of her posting Confusion Conversation & Decision. What I get from this conversation with my dad, ermm..nothing much. I do not know how he will feel if I accept the job and actually go to KL to start work in Apr08. The conversation goes like this:

Jen: Dad, I got a job offer from a company in KL
Dad: What salary and benefits they offer?
Jen: Not bad I think, RMXXXX and guaranteed 1 month bonus as 13th month salary
Dad: Enough or not RMXXXX. Not much ler that salary if work in KL
Jen: But that is salary even some managers cant get
Dad: Sure or not
Jen: I think it is not bad
Dad: Silence
Jen stare at dad
Dad: Wah, today talking about oyster omelette <---he watch Astro ~>_<~

Guess that is the end of the conversation about this topic. So, I am not very sure how dad feel about this but at least he didnt out right and say dont go. So, once I am ready to hand in my letter to my boss, I will tell my dad again the day before I do that just so that he knows I am serious about this. Of course, once my mom knows about this too, I am expecting world war III in my house.

Either my mom will start screaming nonstop for many days and making it impossible to stay in the house for longer than a few hours, or we will all become deaf and cant hear much. But eventually mom will have to accept that I intend to do this and I am a 31 year old lady that does not require mom approval but I rather have her blessing of course. It will sure make life alot easier and more pleasant. As I said, mom is super protective and dad is more understanding.

OK, I am blabbing on and on again it seems. Sorry about this if you are bored with all this but frankly speaking, I dont care:P hahaha....


Nick Phillips said...

I guess that would be the reaction of almost all parents. I don't think it's easy letting their daughter go to a far away land.

But sometimes, they should realize that their children do grow up and need to live lives of their own.

Here's wishing you all the best, Jen.

Jen's Place said...

Greatly appreciate the well wishes and u accompanying me on rampage at my blog from almost the beginning. Makes me glad I start blogging in the first place!
Yah, like all things, once I decided, this too will pass...just wish I have that remote control from 'Click' and fast forward to when I am actually settled down in KL!

Rose said...

At least you start telling one person!! That is a starting and good move. :)

Jen's Place said...

hahaha! Actually I did tell my bro before I tell my dad. And clever me asked my bro to help 'remind' dad about this subject when he is ALONE with dad ^_^
Aint I clever? hahaha..
Like I said, I made up my mind. So that is the first step. So, 2nd to tell my dad, done that and finally 3rd step, hang on till it pass:P