Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Funny Questions

I am feeling so happy right about now because obi just agreed to let me go back at 4.30pm today in exchange for me coming in one earlier at 7am for conference call with my customer in US. At least she is considerate in this sense and allow us to claim our time-off accordingly, as long as it is according to her rules. I can see that with this particular customer, this will be the trend for most of the conference call, i.e. having to come in early at 7am. Oh well, I dont really mind actually. I enjoy the feeling of being able to go back early while everyone else is still working. Also then I have an excuse for packing up and leaving right on the dot..hahaha..

The day has been very busy and packed actually. Since the meeting at 7am this morning, the work has been pouring in and the phone has been ringing non-stop. In fact, a few times, immediately after ending one conversation and putting down the phone, another call came in almost instantaneously! Starting to feel like a receptionist that daily task is to entertain phone calls. But I guess that is the consequences of being the owner for so many online projects. Anything goes wrong or if error occur in the system, they will start calling me up and asking for SOS.

A colleague of mine asked me a very funny question (funny for me anyway). He asked me, you and babe dated so long already, still celebrate Valentine's Day? And then he asked me another question, he give you flowers for Valentine?

OMG! I am not sure how to response to him. I mean, what in the world make him thinks that if the couple has dated for awhile, then there is no need to celebrate occasions like Valentine's Day? Does that mean that married couples don't even have to express their love for each other anymore simply because they are married? As for the flower, perhaps young couples will associate V-day with gifts and flowers but shouldn't that day be a day to remind each other the love that the couple have for one another? Does monetary or material always need to come into context when it come to expressing or showing love to your spouse/partner/bf/gf?

Actually, I always tell my babe that I dont want him to buy me flowers for V-Day. I mean, have you seen the price of a single stalk of roses sold during or around V-Day? I think I saw somewhere, around RM12-15 depending to how nicely the single stalk is wrapped or presented. During normal days, a single stalk will only cost around RM3-4. That is about 300-400% mark up in price! Really crazy lar. What a waste. For me, there is not much use for flowers no matter how expensive the flowers are. In the end, it will die and then either you have to throw them away or let it be dry flowers to hang somewhere. In which case, in the end, will also be thrown away. I remember I ever drive pass a house in Polarwood area where the rubbish bin is filled with a few bouquet of dried flowers. Even the restaurants, bistro and cafe are marking up their prices by offering so called Couple set meal or V-Day package.

Maybe new couples or those that just start dating or courting might want to cherish the day more but basically, more matured couples (like babe and I) take it just another day. After all, why in the world just have one day to express your love for each other? Must there be a reason to give flowers to your wife/gf? Do you need an excuse to buy your husband/bf a gift? Why should you only tell each other how much you love each other only on a certain day? Dont let the merchants that has commercialised V-Day as an excuse to cut your throat!

So, I want to challenge you, think of ways this V-Day on how to NOT spend more than what you usually spend on a daily basis. I think it will be hard for some and very easy for others.


Dav DiDi said...


I am known as very stingy in my family compare to others. So, if my bf buy flowers on valentines day, I'm gonna nag him for 24 hours..I admit that, gals do like to receive flowers BUT on valentines day ... siaw ah!! my bro owaz buy flowers so i roughly noe how much the flowers would cost ..

I rather him save the money for future more beneficial items such as buy HOUSE!!!

Jen's Place said...

WAH LAU! SO FAST already talking abt buying house together ah? When is the wedding?????? Dun simply throw the red bomb without warning ah!!!

Nick Phillips said...

Jen, I have to agree with you. Valentines day is just an excuse for some merchant to get richer than he already is ...

Jen's Place said...

Sounds like u r talking about someone in particular...