Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For the 101th Time

The sky is darker than usual this morning as I woke up. And I can hear the raindrops falling on the the roof. As I step into the bathroom to get ready, I can hear the rain steadily got heavier and heavier. It is going to be another one of those gloomy day where it will rain on and off. But what a wonderful today will be! There are puddles of rain on the road making the newly washed car dirty and the ends of pants wet as I walked to the entrance of the office. Rain is great! Rain is beautiful!

So many reasons to celebrate and to be happy about. For one thing, this is the 101th posting. Really hard to believe that on 12 Dec 2007, I started my very first posting. Struggling really hard with the help from Rose to make heads and tails of turning myself into a blogger. The direction then for the blog was to do something that I have be postponing for so long, i.e. short story writing. But again, the intention need to be postponed again. Instead, my blog has turned into a personal blog used by me as a place to let off steam, stress and share with friends updates and happenings in my life.

Despite the short time, less than 3 months, I have made plenty of blogger friends that are great and wonderful. I am glad that the ugliness of the world did not extend to the virtual world of blogging. Everyone is so nice and ever willing to help. It will be hard to believe me saying all this wonderful things about the blogging same time last year. I have always assumed that blogging or bloggers are people that have nothing better to do than to share their skeleton with the world. But now that I am actually doing it, I can hardly stop. Yes, my friends, I have a serious case of blogdiction but I don't mind and am not looking for cure.

Today is also the day of no return. There will be no going back now in the decision that I have made the previous days and weeks. Life or death, I will be sticking to it now. hehehe.. No, don't worry. Not so serious actually but I have officially tender my resignation today and my last day of work should be 7 Apr 2008. Another big step done and settled. Now, the other big step to climb over would have to wait for my babe to be back next weekend. By hook or crook, peace or war, I will be going to KL and start the new chapter of my life.


Rose said...

Jen, I have a tag for u today! :) Enjoy it!

And congrats on 101st post! Never realise how time flies and you have been here this far! Hahaha.

Jen's Place said...

Thanks! Hard to believe can actually made it here!

Will check the tag later