Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Electric Shock Collar

It is not Monday today but as I was driving to work today, suddenly, I have the famous Monday blues attack on a Tuesday. I think it was because of the realisation that Obi is also coming to work today. Yah, my neck breather is back and as early as 9am this morning, she is already making her rounds asking for updates and feedback and blablabla. I guess she is all energised and anxious to start work after her long break. Even the people from other section is getting fedup with her request for feedback and answer when they already inform her that the person-in-charge have no update yet.

But you know what, as I was in the washroom sitting on the toilet bowl doing my business, I suddenly came to the realisation that how I feel and do is actually controlled by me! Why in the world did I allow my feelings and action to be the reaction of someone else action or words? Why should I let Obi demotivate me? To be honest, I feel like kicking myself in the butt for being lazy and let my feelings rule what I do and how I act.

Yar, I know, some of you might say I can afford to say that now because I am planning on 'running' away far far from the screwed up obi. But think about it, can someone else think for you and process your thinking into feelings for you? Nope but what they can do is actually effect and influence you to feel a certain way. That is why motivational speakers makes tonnes of money from just talking and making you feel all hyped up during their seminars. But bottomline is, if you do not have an open mind to listen to what the motivational speaker want to convey, then, there is nothing the speaker can do to effect or influence you.

So, what I am trying to say is, think for yourself and not someone influence you to think. Good right? NOW ALL I have to do is to REMIND myself DAILY what I just said above and everything should be peachy and glossy.

Problem is, I have very short term memory especially when I am angry or frustrated because of other people's inefficiency (or plain stupidity), I rarely are able to think of the above and react rather forcefully by voicing my opinion loudly without thinking! Maybe someone need to come up with the invention that reminds me of the above, something similar to the buzzer collar for dogs to remind them not to bark but minus the pain from the shock....I think it send small electric shock to the doggie whenever it barks. Dont that sound very cruel? I mean, we will not even consider putting such a collar on human being, why should the cute adorable dog that nature intended to bark to heaven comes be put through such torture?

Alamak! I do talk alot of garbage and junk dont I. Ok, I better stop this nonsense and talk about something useful in the next few posting.

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