Monday, February 11, 2008

Questions & Answer - Me?

I got this tag from Didi and decided that since I have already watched the season of House before, I might as well do something useful and do some blogging instead. Right, I think this tag is basically to let people know more about me and I will try my best to answer them as honestly as possible without making anyone falling asleep ( case you detect a white lie anyway, pretend you just see the white and not the lie :P)

1.) What was your dream during childhood?

- Dream as in what I want to be when I grow up or dream when you are sleeping? If dream to be when I grow up, well, believe it or not, I want to be a secret agent. Aint it cool to have the adult agents coming into the classroom and tell your teacher that they need to whisk jen away from the class for a secret mission? hehehe..I know, I know, chi sin... If it is about what I dream when I was sleeping, well, I think since I am crazy about horror and ghost movies as a kid and yet like to hide behind a pillow or my big stuff teddy, I tend to have terrifying ghost and monster related dream!

2.) Rainy days or sunny days. Why?
- I like rainy days because there is alot of things you can enjoy during rainy days. For example, dance in the rain. That is fun right (Dont lie, I am sure you did that at least once in your life). Or lying in bed at night under nice warm blanket with the watson pink stuffed dog and hearing raindrops falling on the roof. Or just sitting in the house looking out of the window when there is a drizzle just after a heavy storm. I used to tell a friend that I can actually smell the rain sometimes...

3.) Which colour do you prefer?
- I am always in black since it suppose to have the slimming effect. But I am trying to brighten my looks. So, pink is the color I am into at the moment.

4.) Who would you marry?
- Is this a trick question? Babe, is this a trick question?

5.) What present would you prefer best?
- A gift that is received or given when it is least expected and seeing the smile on the person's face when they see the gift.

6.) What are you most afraid of losing?
- Love ones and family more than anything else in the world. They will always be my top priorities.

7.) If you met someone you love, would you confess to him her or keep it a secret?
- Well, I dont believe in love at first sight but if I have a CRUSH on someone, I will not confess to him because I am actually a very shy gal^_^

8.) The dumbest thing you had done in your life?
- Errrm...would knowingly allow someone take advantage of me count?

9.) Which type of person you hate the most?
- I absolutely dislike people that like to talk big, do name dropping and show-off. There is this uni classmate of mine that is absolutely handsome but he really really like to do name dropping alot. I mean in almost every conversation that he made, he will start with, do you know such and such person bla bla bla bla. First few time, you feel so blurred and actually fell stupid but after awhile, it just get old and boring. To make matter worse, I know he have something for me to the extend that he start to 'accidentally' touch me and I got crept out once when he supposedly 'accidentally' brushed his hands across my butt in the lecture hall which is full of people!!! I was already dating my babe then and sufficient to say that I make sure that I am never alone with him no matter what.

10.) What is your ambition?
- Would winning millions from the lottery count? hahaha

11.) Would you rather be someone else at this moment?
- Yah, a motivated self. With my Obi, I have no motivation to work most of the time and that is extremely dangerous as it mean the person will be prone to making mistakes and missing something.

12.) If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
- Ermm...can I say winning millions from the lottery again? :P

13.) What do you think that is the most important thing in your life?
- Love ones & family

14.) What qualities do you want in your other half?
- Ask babe, he has all the qualities I want in my other half!

15.) Who is your favourite cartoon character?
- Gosh this is a tough one. Havent been watching cartoon for awhile. hhmm..would becoming a member of the ghostbusters do?

16.) Which is the best time of your life?
- Spending time with all the people that I love and care about.

17.) Who do you wanna meet at least once before you die?
- hhmmm...was going to say God but I guess I will meet Him when I die.

18.) What would you do if you could go back in time?
- Visit my grandpa before he pass away and ask him how come he love my bro more.

19.) Most memorable day of 2007?
- This is the easiest, the day that babe asked me to marry him ^_^

Wah lau, this tag is so long one! Didiiiiiiiiiii...I finished the tag liaw.

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