Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crispy Seaweed

Finally got my CNY baking started. Well, sort of anyways. I started with something simple first, which is the crispy seaweed. My mom love this stuff and so does the rest of us. Last year, mom bought one can the size of the biggest nestum can for RM15-20. Kinda expensive actually. For me anyway since I know how much ingredient and effortless they are. And sometimes I just cant believe how people can sell small little packet of the crispy seaweed for crazy prices.

Anyway, this year, I decided to try and make them. The ingredient are simple enough:

1. Seaweed sheets (You can basically use any size and type that is readily available from most supermarkets)
2. Frozen popiah skin - similar size to the seaweed sheet.

3. Egg whites (10 sheets of seaweed will need roughly 2 eggs but dont crack all the eggs. Crack one first and when you need more, crack the next one. This way, you dont waste)

4. Salt & pepper

5. Pastry brush (or any soft brush)

How to make them? Very simple.
1. Lay 1 piece of the popiah skin on a flat surface (I use a rectacle chopping board so that the table dont get too messy:P)

2. Brush the egg white generously on the popiah skin. (Make sure entire surface is covered or else the seaweed and skin might separate during deep frying process).

3. Lay the seaweed on top of the brushed popiah skin.

4. Brush the egg white again generously this time on the seaweed.
5. Cover the brushed seaweed with another piece of popiah skin.

6. Cut the seaweed popiah to bite size (Or whatever size that you prefer).

7. Heat up about 1 cup of cooking oil in a wok. Fry the seaweed popiah in batches and drain excess oil using the kitchen towel.

8. Add pepper & salt according to your own taste.

DONE!! Easy right? hahaha.. and for 10pieces of seaweed, 1 pkt of popiah skin and 2 eggs cost less than RM15 I am sure and that is enough to fill the empty nestum can till overflow.