Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catching the Runaway Nose

I am feeling so sleepy today. Despite the fact that I have drank 1 cup of Cafe 21 and 1 cup of ginseng drink, I am still feeling sleepy and drowsy. It is even worse now after having a rather heavy lunch of lau su fen plus wantan (small pieces of rice noodles with chinese dumplings). Furthermore, was not feeling so well this morning. Sneezing non-stop and running nose. Decided to take clarinets which stop the nose from running away and not suppose to cause drowsiness. But I am finding it hard to concentrate much now. Can't even contemplate the idea of preparing a report that customer been asking since yesterday. All the numbers and checking needed makes me feel like telling the doctor to give me sick leave for today...sigh... I think I can feel a fever coming up.

Must be all the junk food and carbonated drinks I been taking in the last few days during Chinese New Year. On top of that, been sleeping really late and waking up early almost daily. Of course, as mentioned in my previous posting, have not been sleeping well too. I can still my body all hyped up and desperately need to discharge the excess charges but unsure how to do this. Nothing seems to work, even sleeping as early as 9pm the other night didn't helped much. I wonder if all this contribute to the feeling of wanting to get sick. Or maybe it was my brother's virus passing on to me.

Thank god nothing much happened this morning at work. Customers were asking easy to handle questions via emails instead of calling me to follow up. If not, I am not sure I can give them coherent answers. To top the cake off, I actually need to give my Speech number 7 for the Toastmaster Competent Communicator manual. Alamak! I have not even look at the notes. Not sure if I can do this with much dignity and correctly. I might end up repeating the project again because didn't fulfill the objectives. I don't feel like backing up now though because not so nice right to do that last minute. After all, no one like someone that can't keep their promise. I especially dislike people that promised to do something but end up breaking them.

Babe asked me something that got me stunted the other day. He asked me if I think after the relocation to KL and start work there, if there is any possibility of us relocate back to Kuching in maybe 10 years time. Only then I realised how homesick he must be. But frankly speaking, I think it will be very hard to relocate from a Metropolitan city back to a smaller city. For one thing, there will not be as many opportunities and the offer most likely wont be as competitive.

Having said that, of course, the future is hard to determine. We can always consider to start up a business and if we do not have enough savings by then, there are alot of Small Business Loans available to consider as an option to source for starting capital. There are really alot of loans options out there. For example, AFSLoans (Accommodative Financial Loans). Unlike some competitors, AFSLoans has no application fee, no hidden charges and boast to have one of the lowest interest rates for unsecure loans. Not only that, with 30 second pre-application at no cost and no obligation and approval window of 24-48 hours for loan valued between $10K - 150K, making it a temptation that is rather hard to resist.

Might even be a good option to take out unsecure loan for that special vacation, wedding plan or renovation that been thinking alot about. Oh boy, I thought I am sick. How come I can still daydream so well! Guess the synapses in my brain just can't resist the temptation to blog and talk non-stop. Thank god that blogging is in written form and not spoken. Or else I think I might lost my voice after just 2 months.

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