Sunday, February 10, 2008

The End and The Beginning

Can hardly believe that it is already Sunday and tomorrow is normal working day already. How time flies. Just a few weeks ago, I was in KL talking about being back to Kuching just 10 days before CNY. Was so looking forward to having the long break during CNY and when it is actually here, it is hard to believe that the holiday is almost over. Well, I dont know if I am happy the break is over or not.

Didnt do much for the last few days actually. Eve of CNY, as mentioned previously, the whole family went over to my aunt's (dad's sis) place and we celebrated the reunion dinner there. The dinner was alot of fun. Usually, it is just us, mom, dad, sis, bro n myself. But this year, it is more fun and definitely more interesting. Not sure why we never thought of doing this before. hhmm..actually I know EXACTLY why we didnt do it previously but I am not ready to share that with the world for now. Well, given the choice, which I hope I will be given, I would love to do all the future reunion dinner in the true traditional way.

First day of CNY, woke up around 9.30am. We all had our breakfast at home and then changed to visit my grandma who is spending the CNY holidays with my aunt & family. Went there, collect ang pau and reached home around 1pm. Didnt do much else that day except sleep and bake 2 cakes. Yah, baked on the first day of CNY. Aint I crazy? Well, bro was so happy to see horlick cake at my aunt's place that turn out to be choc cheese cake. So, I thought, once a year, ok, I bake the horlick cake since my bro enjoy them every year. So, horlick cake and cheesecake...heheheh

2nd day was more crazy. People start arriving around 10.30am. Starting with my aunt (mom's sis) and family. Then followed by the other aunt and family. And then friends. I think they all have set their own time table because it seems they all seem to know the appropriate time to come. They come one after another in perfect sequence. Hence, me running in & out of the kitchen to bring the food and then back to the kitchen with the glasses and then out again with refills. Phew, sufficient to say that by 4pm that day, I am almost flat and ready to kong out and sleep.

3rd and 4th day nothing much happened. It rained alot & I was feeling too lazy to go anywhere or even attempt to go anywhere. All I seem to be doing is read story book, blog, watch astro, eat and sleep! I wonder if that is how I managed to gain 1kg during the CNY. I guess after this, I better be diligent and jump start my exercise routine. Ermm...and increase the frequency and variety from just aerobic to yoga, swimming and jogging. And of course back to low carb and high protein diet. OOii... FRIENDS, remind me ah whenever we go out for lunch or dinner...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Last but not least, muaks & hugs for the rat year!

ps. I hate rat. CANT we call them hamster or something like that?


Windy said...

Horlick cake???

I used to go to one of my aunt's house to have dinner on the second day of the CNY. However, I now live so far away from my home, and don't care about this 'tradition' anymore. In fact, I haven't actually celebrated the year of rat until this morning.

Jen's Place said...

Hehe, my parents are the type that like to keep to themselves alot. They say more freedom when having at own home by ourselves. I agree with them but occasionally gathering with relatives is fun ^_^. So, the best time to do so with a good excuse is during CNY reunion.