Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Wooowwweeeee!! I am feeling so hyper active now that I can hardly sit still in front my laptop to type this in! While I was parking my car, I realised that something is not right but just couldnt put my fingers to it. I only realised what when I when to open the gate, my parents car is not in the driveway! Usually, no matter what time I go back from work or any other activity after work, my parents for sure will be home and their black innova will be in the driveway.

Of course, there are rare occasion that they are not at home but my mom will call me at my handphone and tell me where they go and so forth. And trust me, my mom really really like to call us up just for chit chat sometimes eventhough we are all living under the same roof. Sometimes I so beh tahan that I tell her rather abruptly that I am busy (yes yes, friends, I know, I am rude sometimes to mom but that is for another time and you have no right to judge when you are not living my life right?? bluekk!!!!).

Alright, back to the story. At first thing that I thought was perhaps they just decided to go to grandma and forgot to tell me. So I pick up my handphone and sms my mom (yah yah..another miracle...) Then I suddenly hear a rather familiar sound. My mom's handphone is on the table near the tv. So is my dad's handphone! As far as I know, my dad never leave their handphone at home! Now I am starting to get nervous.

Knocked on my brother's door and all the response I get is a sleepy grunt. When I aske him where mom & dad, he say dont know and when back to sleep! Geez! Ok, so now it is 8pm. I will wait till 9pm and if they are not back, I will start a rescue & search party! I mean, anything could happen to them. My dad night vision is no longer what it used to be although he rather scold you half dead than admit it. And my mom is blind as a bat at night but she has no quirm about letting you know how much she suffer because that! hahaha...

I suddenly realised what irony this is because it is always my mom & dad (mostly mom!) worried about me & my bro whenever we got home late. My mom will start to call and ask questions like where are you, what time you coming back, who you are with (yap, even at 30, she still does that to me ~>_<~). Dont laugh ok, I was really worried sick and I was so happy when they finally come back around 8.15pm that I open the front door before they even open the gate! That was how vigilant I was on lookout for their car light!

Suffice to say that I am going to add another item to my new year resolution, to be gentler and kinder to my parents and will not take them for granted no matter what.

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