Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Belly Dancing

yap..u got the topic right(or rather I got it right): belly dancing!!! hahaha...
Just got back from aerobics and stayed back for abit to accompany a colleague that was feeling faint because didnt drink enough water prior to the class. I have learned my lesson about that. I will always make sure that I drink plenty of water before, during and after the aerobics classes(or any exercise).

It seems that the next session at the center was about to start, i.e. belly dancing! And so the kepoh me was really surprised when my friend pointed a well proportion lady (errr...just in case you dont understand, that was a nice way to say plump! haha..sshh). But when she start her belly dance, you just cant take your eyes off her! She looks so sexy and mouth-watering!! Yap, you heard me right, mouth watering! I bet if a guy is there, for sure he will have nose bleed and saliva flowing from his mouth like an idiot! And her body, when she move, with that scarf tied around her waist, no words can describe.

My colleague (the one that was feeling faint) said that those with more flesh on her body will make sexy belly dancer because even a little shake will make the butt move from side to side sexily. Compared to the skinny ones, it will make more effort to show the butt move! Of course, it is even better if you have big boobs or butt! hahahaha..

So, my new craze. I am surfing the net for every information that I can find about belly dancing. I am trying to persuade my colleagues/ friends to join me for at least one class. The class is rather costly though, RM10 per class! Aerobics was RM4 per class. Oh well, my motto is try everything at least once in your lifetime. Who knows you might end up liking it so much and turn it into a career or life long passion! hehehe..mucks!

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Rose said...

Belly dancing? Lots of moving, and turning and twisting around, very fast motion!!

I try belly dance aerobic before. Combination of some belly dancing movement with aerobic movement!! it is quite fun actually, with combination of both! Hahhahah!