Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am a Good Employee

I was actually trying to be a good employee today and decided to post in my blog after office hours. I was starting to feel guilty about spending so much time on my new addiction, posting in jenjenplace and also blog-hopping so much and leaving trails of comment all over the bloggers world. Yah, I think my work performance has dropped too. Really bad for a almost-perfectionist like myself..sigh!!! Also, I think people are starting to notice that I am slower in my response than usual!!

But now I have changed my mind! hhmppff!! I am again being kek tiok by someone that we nickname as Obi (Obi = black rice = black face???). This obi is someone that ask questions but dont really listen to the answer UNLESS it is the answer that she expects or want to hear! I mean she literally listen but does not listen. Just recent days, another colleague secretly told me that she is trying to change her attitude and I honestly believe it. I can see that she is dressing slightly different and dont pester us as much. But I guess it is just calm before storm... Starting this morning, she officially decides that I am her 'pet' again that she can pester anytime she wants and ask questions that is so mind boggling SIMPLE that I just open my mouth and look at her with my shocked facial expression!

Sigh....I guess I need to learn to be less aggressive and expressive. Need to learn to hide my emotion when dealing with her. After all, the is my superior and my increment will depend almost 100% on her! Hence, a gentle reminder to myself, just say yes and look blur again!~!!


Dav DiDi said...

Go read my blog .. Well, seems like we have an enemy in common ..

Hey, I kena frame by her yesterday !! Kanasai that I did not make her give me written emails !!

Jen's Place said...

hahaha! Yah, we have the same 'problem' and collecting & cleaning $hi*

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! If it's your superior, then just smile and say, yes boss, yes boss ... LOL!

I can't help myself, even though I try my best not to blog duri8ng office hours, the pull is too strong ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

hehehehe.. I am trying my best to smile and say yes boss, yes boss as often as I can. You should see my super red face after I bite back all the comments and then take rush to my email to release my geram to my colleagues.....
p.s. Now I rush to my blog too!!:P