Monday, January 7, 2008

Rose has tagged me and her tag:

"What are my goals for this year 2008"!

Guess I have no choice but to tell you my New Year Resolution now huh? I was trying really really hard not to write about this in my blog because it seems that is the topic that everyone else is writing in their blog. But I do have really alot of resolution this year. Some of which, I made in past years but never managed to achieve them. Somehow, other things become more important and that particular goal got sidetrack. Ok, so here goes:

1. Consistently lost weight from now till Dec08
My plan is to lost 3-4kg per month. This way, I will achieve my target weight way ahead of the plan (hahaha..kiasu!)

2. Settle off my credit card debt
Not sure how to do this but thinking of getting personal loan but I guess I will need to see about the wedding plan first

3. Hopefully get the job that I want in KL

4. Get married without too much hiccup

5. Spend more time with my parents

Hhhmm..ok, this 5 should be enough to keep me occupied for the whole year!

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