Monday, January 7, 2008

Chinese Wedding Favors

As wedding ceremony become a fusion of the tradition and modern concept, so is the gift. I think most of the time, when we go to wedding reception, we will see a piece of cake wrap in a small gift boxes. I was browsing the net on chinese wedding and came across this rather interesting site on Chinese Wedding Favors. Not only that, the different gifts have different meaning and significants. Just to share:

1. Chopstick
Traditionally, a set of chopsticks is presented to the groom's family during the engagement, because the word "chopsticks" in Chinese sounds similar to "fast boy" -- a wish for a son soon. Today, chopsticks are a symbol for healthy children to come. One suggestion is to prepare a gift set for each guest by printing it with the "double happiness" character and tied off with a ribbon that matches the primary wedding color.

2. Tea
Tea is China's national drink and serving it to family & friends is a sign of respect. So, with the many selection of tea with different exotic flavors, perhaps a few packet tied with gold ribbon left at each of the guest's place with a small card briefly explaining the significant would make it something memorable for family & friends attending.

3. Lucky Bamboo
Bamboo is a sign of long life and this will make a meaningful token to the guests. For some DIY, stalks of bamboo can be placed in nice earthen cups with rocks or plant jelly to hold them in place. Tie them stem with some red or gold ribbon attached with a small card stating you and your spouse name and date of the event.

4. Candles
Beautiful frosted cup printed with double happiness character and the couple name makes a wonder gift.

5. Scented Soap
Chinese culture leans toward the soothing, exotic scents of sandalwood, jasmine, and rose. To incorporate these fragrances into your wedding day, give scented soaps as favors. Again, this can be personalised by adding card printed with double happiness character and couple name and tied to the scented soap with golden string.

6. Potted flowers and seed
Give each guest a potted orchid to take home. They're not only fragrant and beautiful, they're also a Chinese symbol for love and fertility. A less expensive option is to give flower seed packets (personalized with your names and wedding date, of course!). Choose flower seeds such as peonies or daffodils (both are Chinese symbols for spring and renewed life).

7. Silk pouches
These silk embroidered pouches were traditionally filled with sweet grass and perfumes (often called perfume pouches) and were frequently given as an expression of friendship -- they also served as a token of love between young women and men. Add a splash of color to your tables by placing silk embroidered bags, filled with sweets of your choosing (like Hershey’s Kisses), at each place setting.

8. Glass Photo frame
Find those nice glass standing photo frame that is inexpensive and personalise it by putting wedding photo or print the couple name and date onto it. A nice touch for the guest to always remember you by.
Example of pouch as gift for guests. This one was filled with he and she teddy bear and a small wedding photo of the couple. (Pic courtesy of Janice's mom) eight suggestions. I like the silk pouch idea. Instead of giving the guests cakes in a box, give them pouches filled with nougats, chocolate or candies. That way, even if the candy, choc, etc are all eaten up, they will still have the pouch to remember us by ^_^. Just need to think about how to make it inexpensive and personalize it.


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Chopstick is a great idea, since it is functional anc cheap.

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I agree! I like those metal ones that the Korean use. Very classy look if packed properly

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those teddy bears are so cute!! these
are the perfect Wedding Favors And Accessories for the big day..nice post:)

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