Sunday, January 6, 2008

Understanding Woman

I was actually going to post how angry and kek tiok I was because of my babe's insensitivity last night. I was so mad at him but he don't even seem to realised it. (Gals, I bet this happens alot to you too!!).

But after waking up this morning, I decided that it is a good thing that men don't really understand woman. I mean, if my babe understand me all the time and knows what I need or want or thinking at all times (eiks!), then what is the point of having a relationship? There would be no need for chemistry since there is no need for mixing any of the chemical. No sparks will happen too because nothing to ignite. There is no excitement too because, well, how can you surprised someone if the person knows what you are going to do?

Lets be honest here. No matter how much I love my babe and vice versa, we don't tell each other EVERYTHING. (Babe, dont interogate me later ah!!). There are things that we keep private to ourselves. Things that we only am able to tell our parents. Or things that we are only able to share with our girlfrens (or things that we can only tell the world in our blog! hahaha..)

I dont know about all of you, but I do cherish my privacy and appreciate the occasional me-time. Dont get me wrong, I love to spend as much time with my babe as possible and miss each other terribly now that we are working in different states (That is why we are getting married!). But I believe that what kept our relationship going strong even after so many years of dating, almost 8 years for those of you that dont know us. Yah, of course we do have things in common and things that we are mutually interested in as well. But even then does not mean that we will always agree.

So, I am trying to say is disagreement & quarrel among couples is a good thing I guess, as long as both person fight FAIR. And, at the end of it, the making up sure makes all things worth it right??? hahahaha...

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Rose said...

me and hubby always have disagreement on and off, but the most important thing is making up at end of the day! :)

Yes, like u said, relationship stay stronger with those ups and downs, and mix of chemistry. otherwise it would be very dull and predictable.