Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another What If Question

Seems that I been day dreaming and living in fantasy-world too often recently. After writing the post about One Month To Live, I just can't help thinking about what I can do to make my parents live more comfortable. Not that they are suffering now. It just that I want them to have a more relaxing and luxury life. Of course, my dad might never be able to stop working and just enjoy life. I got this feeling he will work and work no matter what.

When I was younger (yah yah, I am not THAT OLD), I often give my mom a child-like promise that when I grow up and have a job, I will buy them all the luxuries in the world. Give them things so that they will never be wanting for any material things. Buy them a BMW with a driver. Buy them a great big house with lots of servants and staffs to take care of them. Give them enought money so that they will be able to buy anything their heart desire (within reasons of course:P) . Yap, the innocent promise of a naive kid that does not know anything about the fact that I might never earning enough to catch up with the inflation.

Now that I am actually working to earn a living, I realised that I might never be able to achieve the above without suddenly striking the lottery. It is either that or I marry a Tan Sri son or something. So, my what if question today is:

What if you win a million ringgit, what is your fantasy?

I know, I know, this is not a very original question but it has been my fantasy for a long time and I am going to share with you what is the fantasy. So here goes,

1. Pay off all my debt - current car loan, housing loan, credit card, etc including my parents
2. Renovate & redecorate my current house
3. Hire maids/staffs that will do EVERYTHING so that my mom & dad dont have to
4. Buy my parent a BMW/Merc and a hire a driver to go with it
5. A garden wedding at the amphitheatre or a beach wedding at Damai(thanks Janice's Mom for putting this idea into my head)
6. Buy my babe a car
7. Quit my job and move to KL to be with my babe while I look for job there.
8. Invest in babe's ASB & save for the future
9. Donate to one chosen charity

Alright, my list can actually go on and on but I think that is the limit of what one million ringgit can do...
So, what would you do if you are suddenly a million ringgit richer???


Dav DiDi said...

wei .. 1 mil cant do so much eh.. a BMW oledi cost how much liau ..

if i got 1 mil, i'll think of a way to make it grow more .. invest in land, hse, unit trust, bla bla .. kekeke..from the money of those, i use to get whatever i want, while continue with my current work (so that nobody noe i got 1 mil, hahahha)

Jen's Place said...

That is why my list only have 9 items nia! hahahaha...I could go on and on about what I want(not need) but only 1 mil nia..where can go on and on....

Rose said...

If i suddenly win a 1M lottery, i will invest 50% of the money into unit trust, let it grows for retirement plan and children education fund, 25% to charity organisation (better give something back to the society) and then 25% for vacation (travel around the world). hahahaha! I am day dreaming again........

Jen's Place said...

wah so generous, 25% for charity. That is RM250K!!! I was thinking of maybe something less than 10%! :P

yah, we all love to day dream for 'free' money....