Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toastmasters Meeting At AZAM

Fridays has always been a day that I love-hate at the same time. Hate Fridays because it seems that the customers somehow is determine to give you all the last minute request and orders before the end of their week. And somehow, after having a rather peaceful week, all the issues start to arise on Friday!

I love Fridays because it means I will have 2 days off or if I want, to come to work and claim for OT! hahaha! And I especially cant wait for next Friday (18 Jan) when I will be flying to KL to meet my babe!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!! *BLUSH*

Anyway, this Friday was no different. Came in to work slightly earlier than usual but surprised that there is still alot of cars on the road since Thursday was a public holiday. Reached the office, turn on the mailbox and saw that the customers has already get started with their Friday routine, I had 200+ new emails in the mailbox!

Thank god I had a potluck dinner at AZAM Toastmasters meeting that night. The meeting usually starts at 7.45pm but since there is a potluck dinner, it started at 6.30pm. As usual, everyone was late and most of them arrived around 6.45pm. It is a good thing that I had to rush back home to collect the fruit jelly that I made or else I would have arrived right on the dot or earlier.

The food was great. There were seafood casserole, pie, rich chocolate cakes, KFC chicken, fruits and so on. Everything tasted delicious and I admit that I overate last night too! Cant help myself especially when the cook of the chocolate cake told me that it is calories free (hahahaha!!). Everyone was so excited that the meeting actually start early at 7.40pm.hehehehe...I think it was a first in the history or something like that. The meeting stared of as usual with toast to the King, Toastmasters International and AZAM Toastmasters.

There were two speakers and both were doing their ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze). Then it was the dreaded table topics. Table topics is a session where the table topic master will create opportunities for those that have not spoken during meeting. The table topics that night has outdone herself. She invited pairs to come out front to do role play. The first pair had to pretend to be Mother Theresa and Larry King. The lady who was supposed to be the Mother Theresa was really hillarious. She really sounded like Mother Theresa. Then there was the Donald Trumpt & Oprah Winfrey, conversation between the brain and the rectum, conversation between a cat and a mouse and finally an aunt and niece (reverse role, i.e. real aunt become niece and real niece become aunt).

The night ended around 9.30pm with everyone in high spirit. It was really an enjoyable night, full of laughter and fun. There was lots of leftovers and some stayed back for supper. Others decided to hang around and get to know each other more. Some were discussing the trip to Penang in Apr08 to receive the award for Distinguished President Club. This is when the a club managed to achieve min. 9 out of 10 of the goals set. Sigh..and I as the VP of Membership for my club, is responsible for two of the membership goals.

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