Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Spring, Kuching

Ok, you wont believe what I did yesterday...I cant believe what I did. Even while I was walking there being part of the crowd, I feel like kicking myself for being one of the sakai...Ok, here goes..

I decided while I was posting my blogs yesterday afternoon that I want to go out and eat Thosai Rawa at Sri Khan in town. So, I sms my friend "hi!! Wana go out for thosai and cuci mata (wash eyes) at The Spring? Pick you at 6pm:P" Yah, me of all people invited a friend to go out to the Spring where I know fully well that the rush will still be on since it is Saturday! Dont ask me what came over me. I have no idea at all. Wait till I tell you will be snickering and shaking your head!

So, I took a nap and woke up around 5pm. Shower and changed. Helped dad with his fish tank. (He has decided that he want to revive his old hobby but no idea. Another reason I am glad we have a maid soon! Cleaning an aquarium is definitely not my idea of fun!) Anyway, I picked the friend up at around 6pm and we went to Sri Khan.

Sri Khan basically serve authentic indian cuisine whereby the cook is either indian or mamak and the waiter/waitress are malays and the shop owned by chinese ( so so typical). I ordered my Thosai Rawa which is basically thosai topped with spices and spring onions and comes with 3 different sauces, dhal sauce, curry and grated coconut sambal. The thosai tasted abit like pancake with papadam spices (Am I making sense?).

The friend ate some kind of rice with condiment and I cant remember the name (oii...fren, if you remember the name of your, type in the comment yah:P hahaha) ! Anyway, the rice is spice rice that is pretty spicy. Apparently they ground up all the spices and stir fry them together. And in come 3 dishes and 2 small bowl of sauce. Basically one of the side dishes were spiced lamb which I tried and it tasted more like beef to me. The overpowering spices covered the lamb taste totally. The other two was pumpkin cooked in watery curry sauce and cabbage. The sauce was rich fish curry and dhal paste. I guess the food was not bad if you dont mind smelling like a spice shop when you burp!

By the time we finish eating everything, it was around 7pm and it is time to start our 'adventure' to go the spring. By the way, it is spelled tHe Spring. I have no idea why the capital H in between the t & e. If anyone knows, greatly appreciate if you can tell me:). We decided to try going there using the backway from Kenyalang residence area in hope to avoid jam. However, everyone seems to have the same idea! The same was about a mile long. Luckily we were able to escape using another route to go to the Simpang Tiga roundabout which is near to the spring.

The friend then suggested parking at Swinburne which is opposite of the spring. I thought this is a clever idea. After all, if the security guard ask, the friend can just flash his Swinburne student card and say that he is going to the lab! haha...yah, that backfire as we discover that the gate nearest to the road to cross to the spring was closed. Geez, guess the Swinburne management must have knew about this and decided to make things difficult for anyone trying to take advantage of the parking space there.

So, finally I decided what the heck, lets just join the crowd and try to park in the spring basement parking. I told the friend that I will only tolerant one hour being stucked in the car and looking for parking space and the time then was roughly 7.45pm. Meaning, the limit for me is 8.45pm. But actually, it ONLY took us about 35min to get into the basement parking and find a space. However, I really really must comment something. KUCHING DRIVERS ARE SO RUDE! The queue was long but please lar, wait in line and follow the rule. Do you think that just because you are more clever, so you go and cut queue right at the entrance?? No wonder Kuching people have the reputation for being lazy and rude! I am embarassed!

Anyway, we go in via a the famous water fountain which was not working at the time (yah..after just 3 days..) I can see lots of coins in the fountain though. I wonder if this is the reason the fountain died. (We heard an announcement over the PA system as we were leaving to request shoppers NOT to throw coins into the water fountain and pool! hahahaha!) Anyway, I am sorry to tell you that I didnt have any pictures to show at all. I mean, I have my camera phone with me and I keep on waiting for something that entice me to start snapping away.

After walking for about 1.5hours, my friend said:That's all. I think my jaw actually dropped and I ask him: Huh? That is it?? WHAT IS THE FUSS!!!

hahaha..I seriously do not see what the fuss is all about. True, there are shops that previously was not available in Kuching, eg. Sushi King and so on. But at the end of the day, the whole of the spring is just one wing of Sunway Pyramid or KLCC. It is no wonder that Jusco refused to take up the offer to be the anchor deparmental store there. The excuse given, it is too small for them. Sorry if I offended any Kuchingnites out there but I really really really dont see what the fuss is about. Anyway, please allow me to make up my photo-less posting with links to other blogs with pictures of tHe Spring for your viewing pleasure:

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Rose said...

Hi Jen, I went to The Spring last nite too! Long queue! those people keep coming in.

We heard over the in-house announcement system that a child was lost! Luckily someone took him to the information counter and reunite with his family.

bigfish_chin said...

Nice story reading here...
i bet the same happen in KK, Sabah too. A shopping plaza started since dunno when. traffics was definately DIED and terrible when wanted to get a parking space. But the Plaza is like what u said ~ just 1 or 2 wings of Mid Valley or Pyramid. Anyway, like us... ppl from East Malaysia, I think every one make the crowd there just for doing nothing there some times.
I went there once ~ The Warisan Square. Thats all.

Jen's Place said...

Rose, you were there for the sushi again? Spent most of my time in the Tai Khong supermarket. Got my muesli and milk by the way. Ready for Monday! haha..

surprisingly we didnt meet!

Jen's Place said...

hehehe..glad you enjoyed the stories. I been to KK and seen the Warisan Square from the taxi. All those branded shops and cafe.. hehehe..guess we East Msian are really into whatever from KL?
I think if the jam persist, I wont be going to the spring much in the future..

Rose said...

No lah, Jen. We went to Kluang Station. Check out my blog!

Jen's Place said...

rose,hehe..only seen your blog after typing the above! Too bad abt almost everything finished liaw at Kluang Station. We were actually standing outside it n thinking abt going in or not. In the end, we went to Food Avenue. Very crowded too and lots of kids. Guess they just left Boulevard for their supper.