Saturday, January 12, 2008

A House Maid

What a nice day today is. Woke up around 7am and helped mom to clean the house. Yah yah, I know it is Saturday and you think that I am crazy. I think that I am too but I do not have a choice. It is either laze around in bed and pretend not to hear my mom nagging about how come she is the only one up early to clean the house, bla-bla-bla or might as well get up, help her do the housework at the her designated time and then take a nap later.

Hence, I was truly happy when my brother told us that there is a housemaid from a village near the school where he teach. My mom was excited at first as she was thinking that finally she can sit back & relax while the maid do all the things (And I was excited because I can sleep more during the weekend!hahaha!). But then suddenly she starts thinking, if she got to stay here, dont that mean she have to take care of the housemaid? Making sure, that she have things to eat in the morning and afternoon.

Mom & dad goes to their office every morning. My bro & myself of course had to leave for work as well. Hence, leaving the maid at home alone for most of the morning and some part of the afternoon. Then mom start to worry about leaving her alone at home with all the valuables! On top of that, will she be able to help mom with my physically and mentally challenged older sister. Will she be able to cope with the housework? Will she be homesick? Will she understand when we talk to her. Or maybe instead have having the maid stay at the house and going back once a week or every fortnight, she should just come three times per week.

All the questions my mom had and finally my bro commented that this is not a life sentence! We can give her a month probation and if it does not work out after that, my bro will send her back to her family. I have my concern as well as she is still a teen but married. I guess her family need her to source for income somehow. On the other hand, I am glad someone will be doing my cleaning for the baking and cooking for Chinese New Year! hahaha..yes, I am day dreaming again!!! Dont burst my bubbles!


Nick Phillips said...

How I wish I had a maid, then I could sleep in every single day ... LOL!

I do in a way agree with your mom about leaving the maid at home all day, people these days can't really be trusted all that much!

Jen's Place said...

nick..hehe..a maid dun allow u to sleep in ALL day but winning the lottery will:P

yes, I know what mom thinks. Short of installing CCTV in the house, guess will have to learn to keep valuables under keys and lock...unless she decides to sell of the tv!! OMG!

To hire a maid or not.....