Monday, January 14, 2008

MAXIS Family Plus Plan & Motorola KRZR K3

I got the handphone as a gift from my dad about 2-3 months ago. Dad got it during a promotion for Maxis whereby if you are on the 150plan, then you are entitled to purchase the phone for RM599. But of course, subject to the terms and condition. I think one of it is that you will need to have a contract with them for 2 years, i.e. you must not terminate the account in the 2 years. It is one of the Family Plus Plan or something like that. The plan is pretty good especially for family members. The principal line can have up to 5 supplementary lines with different value plan. And balance of each plan can be shared out among the family members. For example:

Who Value Plan Used
Dad 150 200
Mom 80 80
Bro 50 50
Me 50 0
Total: 330 330

So, the balance is 0 because what I dont use is being used to pay for what Dad use. (ermm..hope this is not confusing). On top of that, we can call each other for free (up to 20 hours each person), mean that I can call dad, mom or bro for 20 hours for free or mom can call of us for 20 hours for free. This is including voice and video call. So, good reason to own a 3g phone! hahaha.. And free 2000 sms for free too.

Anyway, the motorola phone promotion is pretty worthwhile although the phone does not have much accessories except handset, charger and battery. I No software or anything. Think the market price for original set is around RM1500? I think they have another promotion now for motorola v6. Get the 80 plan and can purchase the phone for RM399 but of course also subject to the 2 years contract and other terms and condition. Got that for my babe and so far we are having a lot of fun with it!

I have always like using motorola phone. The K3 is my 3rd motorola actually. The first is the E something, cant remember the exact model. The black & monochrome one. Really durable and nice to use but pretty bulky and the color fades easily. Actually, babe's friend and gf got it first and we like it so much that we went and got ourselves a pair too not long after that. No regrets since then.

After that my bro went to KL and bought a v3 from a second hand shop and so far it has been pretty good too. It is pink by the way! hahahaha...But now I am having problem with it because I cant find the software to upload anything from the handphone to my PC/laptop. I tried a few times via files from the websites but so far nothing seems to work.

Tried everything from installing, re-install, re-boot, off & on the handphone, etc. But nothing works! I think I will just give up and let my blog of photo-less. I have so many pictures in my phone now but there is nothing I can do about it except to mms them to my babe and make him drool :(


Nick Phillips said...

If your phone has bluetooth capabilities which I'm sure it does, then all you need to do is go buy a bluetooth adapter which cost about RM30.00 or even less, depending on model and you're done. It works fine with my phone ...

Jen's Place said...

You mean a bluetooth adapter on the laptop? The laptop has bluetooth capability. Hhmmmmmmm, why didnt I think of using bluetooth to transfer the file *smacking my head!*
Thanks Nick!!!! MUCKS!!!!!