Friday, January 4, 2008

My Fortune for the Year 2008 *Rat Year!

At the beginning of every new year, within the first few days (and even the last few days of the year before), it is unavoidable that you will start to receive email with the subject: Fortune for Year XXXX. So, I being a typically common and sweet mannered (pretend you did read the post abt the KFC thingie~) of course will be in that mailing list. Or is it because the mailer felt that I need some boosting in the supernatural aspect? I really don't know to believe or not to believe is such fortune telling but I guess I too adhere to the paradigm that it is better to know than not to know. So, here goes. My fortune as someone born in the year of Snake some 30 years ago and my fortune for this year, the year of Earth Rat.
This year is a better year than the last, but there is still a lot of instability lingering around. On the bright side, there are many people who will help you or give you the opportunities along the way. However, there are also rather severe people problems this year. There are many back-stabbings, betrayals and even direct confrontations. You will have very good wealth luck this year, but at the same time you might suffer from an obsessive and compulsive behavior when it comes to making purchases. You tend to get obsessed over certain items and do not mind overspending or engaging in impulsive shopping sprees. Due to this behavior, it is going to be difficult to accumulate wealth this year. Another aspect to take note is that there is a high probability of falling ill this year.

Jenjen's comment: Oh man~! The part about a compulsive spender worries me (and my babe) more than anything else, including falling ill! Backstabbing and betrayal, well, guess I cant avoid this since I am very very very very CUTE and intelligent!! HAHAHAAHAHA!!! (Couldn't resist that!)

Office politics can prove to be rather painful. Even when there are opportunities given to you to implement your plans or when you have nearly reached your goal, there will be someone who will try to block you from success. Be careful of how you deal with them. Avoid direct confrontation and try to get more support instead.

Jenjen's comment: Since when office politics are sweet? Avoid confrontation......right, so the KFC-scene is a big no-no.

Though your money luck is good this year, you will tend to overspend this year. You will find yourself easily engaging in impulsive purchases or indulging in shopping therapy. Try to have a good look as to how you spend your money. You might have difficulty in accumulating wealth and even spend more than you earn. Be aware that it is always good to save for rainy days.

Jenjen's comment: luck this year for me! ppsstt...shall I start buying the lottery???

For those who are attached or married, there is a high tendency of quarreling or going into cold wars. It may be partly due to the high stress caused by your work. Another possible cause of disputes is due to gossip or people who want to place a strain on your relationship. Ensure that you have good communication with your partner and do not get into a quarrel due to hear say. For those who are single, you might not be in the right state of mind or emotion to be in love. Hence, even if the love of your life appears, there will be great hesitation on your part and you may miss the opportunity.

Jenjen's comment: Alamak, this is not good. I took a peek at my babe's horoscope about this part. This is what is said:
This is a very good year in terms of relationships. Those who are attached will have a high chance of getting married this year. There is a strong chance that singles will meet the love of their lives. For those who are married, the passion in their relationship will be burning bright. <--how come so totally opposite of mine!! Health
Not good. You tend to have injuries such as sprains or fractures this year. You are also more accident prone than usual. If you need to drive, please ensure that you have adequate rest.
Jenjen's comment: OK..memang already clumsy. Nevermind lar. If sprain or fracture anything, got someone to sayang me:P

There are severe people problems this year. There are many irritating people that might obstruct you from your goals or make life more difficult for you. Beware of betrayals, back-stabbings and misunderstandings. Avoid getting into direct confrontations with others and always appear to be nice. Your temperament may be very unstable this year and will attract more people problems. Try to control your temper.
Jenjen's comment: sigh....again, control temper. This is really making me regret that KFC-scene!!

Place a Vanadinite in your wealth sector. Put a metal gourd in you health sector. If you are driving, you need a Chan Chu Wealth Toad for your car.

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Rose said...

Jen Jen, thanks for the information! hmm, overall 50 - 50 lah, not a bad year for both of us! hahaha!

Hope those quarreling and overspending yet good wealth luck part not true lah!

Anyway, just read only, dont worry too much! Destiny is in your hand.