Friday, January 4, 2008

To Do or Not To Do

As CNY approach, the typical conversation goes something like this:

A : Oooi, already get your new year clothes or not?
JenJen : Nolar, get abit abit nia.
A : Hahaha, same here. Get abit abit but already wear one time
JenJen : SAME!! haha! You going to do anything to your hair?
A : Ermm..still thinking lah. Maybe go highlight only.
JenJen : Think want to highlight my hair also. But the saloon price already increase lehhh because almost CNY liaw.
A : Yalor yalor! Some increase to almost double already!!
JenJen : Then I go do my hair after CNY lar!

Sigh~~!! Sometimes I really don't understand how did the 'tradition' of increasing prices closer to any festive season (esp Chinese New Year) come about. I mean, did the saloon taukeh niu (lady boss) woke up one day and decides that I will 'slaughter' my customers when it is nearer to CNY??!?! And how come we as the customer accepted readily the explanation for the price increase of the business owner as CNY liaw mahhhh....

Are we so vulnerable and timid that we just accept whatever that is thrown our way. I mean, why in the world did we not fight back and go on strike. Boycott those businesses that mark up their price just because it is festive season. Lets all not have our hair done for this CNY and just let everything hang natural! After all, God gave us beautiful natural hair. So why in the world do we want to change it???? Not only that, imagine all the chemical that is splattered on your head (where the brain is!!). And we are wondering why we are getting more and more stupid and absent minded!

Yar yar yar, I know, I am being idiotic and mumbling nonsense. But read between the line and you will see that there are some truth in what I said.......

Disclaimer: To all business owner, if you don't like what I have said above or feel that it is untrue, I would like to say .....................WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!! BLUEK!!!

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Rose said...

Jen, I am 100% agree with u on the increase in pricing! not that the owners dont earn good or no customers during those peak time! the price mark up really rediculous. But i always went to the same salon, so the owner always charge same price (no increase), sometime 20% some more! hehehe!
Well, as u notice, the customers are mostly women. Blame on their nature of wanna looking good and willing to spend money on such things! Bluek!