Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Month To Live??

What if one day, your doctor tells you that you have a incurable disease and will die in 1 month's time. What would you do (besides wanting to die then and there!!)? After you pass the initial stage of shock, self-pity and unbearable sadness, how would you cherish the final moments in your life?

I was watching something on Astro last night about a lady working in a departmental store as the sales assistants for 10 years. She started out with many dreams and even created a scrapbook called Book of Possibilities where she keep all her dreams and wishes. She even started to save money and invest in rather profitable bonds. Everyday, she will go to work and work real hard trying to get herself promoted and climb the career ladder. Going in to work early and leaving work late. Hardly have much time for socializing. Hardly have much time for dreams and love. (sounds like anyone you know????)

However, one day, her doctor told her that she has brain tumor and have 3 weeks to live. It was then after passing the initial shock that she realized that she has not lived her life to the fullest at all. She has been to timid and to scared at what life might throw at her if she let herself go and enjoy life once in a while. Instead, she has been scrimping and saving for the future (which she does not have now except the 3 weeks) and constantly pushing the things that she really want to do in life to another day and another and another. A day become a week, and then a year and finally 10 years! So she decided what the heck, I am going to die anyways. She sold all her bonds, quit her job and left for a luxury skiing resorts where one of the restaurant feature her idol - an internationally reknowned chef. (Oh, forgot to tell you that her dream is to own her own restaurant bistro style).

With the knowledge that she is going to die, she dared to live her life to the fullest. And because of this, people start to notice her and she become someone that everyone respect because of her new attitude for life. Even the love of her life finally realized how precious she is to him and how much he love her! Of course, the movie had a happy ending because it turns out that the CAT scan machine was faulty and she does not have brain tumor at all. (yah yah yah, fairy tale but nice mar!).

What I am trying to say is, most of us live our life like what she did before she knows that she only have three weeks to live. We are either to busy to live the life to the fullest or to scared to do it. We spend our live constantly chasing after more material things and more money so that we can have a good future. Yes, planning for the future is important but what about now? Sometimes, I feel that it is irony what we do.....we go to work everyday to earn a living but we are not actually living for now because we are saving for the future. Sometimes, we even forgotten that we are actually alive NOW and should be living for NOW too!

I am not saying that you shouldn't plan for the future. I am saying that while you doing this, remember to enjoy your life now too. Spend more time with your love ones, QUALITY time. And spend more time on yourself too especially if you have already worked so hard for so long. Take some time off to pamper yourself and you will be a better person because of it!

p.s: I think I am getting Nick Phillips habit of writing long lengthy posting.....


RaiNboW said...

hehe.. tat's my motive in life. Life live to the fullest and enjoy every moment. ;)

bokjae said...

Hey jen jen thanks for dropping by and I had done a post on same issue please visit

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rainbow! I totally agree with you. Live your life to the fullest enjoy every moment and dont forget to tell/show your love ones how much you love them everyday~!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Bokjae!
Thanks for visiting my blog too. What a coincidence that we are writing something similar today. I linked your blog in mine^_^