Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My CNY Baking List

Wow! How time flies. CNY is just 1 month away ( 1st day = 7 Feb) and was actually starting to think whether I want to bake or buy this year. Guess if my leave is approved, I will bake or else have no choice but to buy most of it and just bake a few items. So, this is the list of goodies that I planned to bake:

1. Pineapple tart
2. Cheddar Cheese
3. Melting moments
4. Shortbread
5. Choc chip cookie

1. Choc cheese cake
2. No bake cheese cake
3. Horlick Coffee Cake
4. Butter cake

1. Fruit jelly

hhmm...what else?

Mom was also talking about cooking for the cny eve dinner instead of eating out. That way we will have lots of leftover for the next few days. One way to save especially since most of the coffee shop will closed on 1st and 2nd day. Those that are open will take the opportunity to increase the price 2-3 fold! Imagine, 1 bowl of kolo mee usually at RM2.50 become RM5-6!! No thanks. I think I would rather eat maggie.

Am also thinking of whether want to cook anything for cny visit. Maybe will have a mini open hse and invite friends over to the house. Not sure what my brother plan to do. I enjoy cooking & entertaining but really really dont like to clean up after that!! hahaha..


Rose's World said...

wah! cant wait to devour on some of those cookies and cakes! Yeah, please have the open house this year! heheehhe!

Nick Phillips said...

Looks like someone is getting all prepared early for CNY, ya? I didn't even realize CNY is just one month away. Woohoo, more holidays ... LOL!

Thanx for dropping by my blog.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
U are a fast worker! I just posted my comment minutes ago! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog too. I like your blog very much actually despite the long posting!
Yar yar..cny..more holiday!!!

Roseeee muakss!! Will try to have a MINI open hse this year..hehehe

Billy's Mom said...

Wish I live close by...hehe! I definitely will show up to your open house. Saw your long list of yummy yummy cookies and cakes. But wait a kena invite meh...hihi!

Jen's Place said...

Billy's mom,
If I have open hse and if you are here, OF COURSE INVITE!!! Bring Billy and hubby too! ^_^
But first, most important thing is to decide to have an open house or not! haha....