Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lonely Xmas Eve

Another year, another chapter of life. Sometimes, looking back, you wonder where did all the time go? Yah yah, I am feeling melancholic suddenly. Maybe it has something to do with celebrating for the first time, Xmas and New Year, without my babe. He also sent me sms on the eve of those 2 days that he is feeling abit depressed because we are not together for these 2 occasion for the first time in many years.
So, how did I celebrate my Xmas?? (I know, I know.... it's almost 2 weeks ago!!) Let me see~! Oh yes!! The company let us go off at 3pm. So, a colleague and myself decided to take the opportunity to go shopping. So happen that I am looking for baby clothes as present for a friend that will be having full month party on Xmas night. Went to this place 2-floor gift shop @ Jalan Keretapi (same row as UNACO). The ground floor basically sells lots of handmade gift and there have pretty nice accessories. I saw a really nice silver ring but rather pricey, more than RM100.
On the 2nd floor, you can see some really nice big fragrant candles. They were having sales in Dec, the stuff was rather cheap. For a really nice candle with lots of delicate design and in good size, it was between RM3-8. I think that is rather cheap. They also have some important children clothes selling at 20-70% discount. My colleague and I jump into the bundle that marked 70%. The baby gal clothes look soooo cute!!! Imagine tiny mini size skirt and sexy blouse for a little gal age 1-3 years old! Hahaha...I think I will spoil my baby gal rotten! We actually spent more than an hour at the place!

Then, that is it for Xmas eve! This year, no turkey, no cooking, no dinner outside, nothing... (booohoooo~!!!)

On Xmas day, went to J's open house around 11am. Sat there for more than 2 hours actually! Mostly having fun playing with a colleague's cute son. He is almost 2 and really really handsome! He was also having fun running around and playing with other visitors kids. Like all other kids, he was fascinated by the xmas tree! I actually managed to 'catch' him and place him on my lap and sit there so quietly eating muruku. His mom was happy for the temporary relieve from chasing him around! hahaha

After that I went to my babe's house (yah yah of course I remember he is not THERE! hahaha..visit the mom & sis & nephews cannot meh???) They are having open house too and actually I promised to come early but only managed to reach the house around 2.30pm. By the, I was informed by the sister that a big crowd has just left (Thank god! :P ). So, I can happily laze in babe's mom's air con room and chit chat. His mom suddenly say, Come with me to the so and so house for awhile. Go visit them.

I thought OK lor. No harm mar. After all, the house is pretty near and I went there a few times with babe before and basically meet most of them. They are babe's some distant relatives (not sure what connection..too complicated family tree!!). As we were sitting down in the kitchen (yah..upgrade liaw:P) babe's mom introduce me, this is my menantu (daughter-in-law). I think I almost fainted. hahaha...Babe's mom is sure very excited and happy about us getting married!

2 hours plus at the house then we went back to her house. I had to leave and pick up J as we need to go to another friend house at kampung (village) area and the drive will take about 45min to the outskirt. This is the friend is having the full month party for the baby.

At the end of all this, I am a very stuffed gal. So much meals in one day! Guess it makes up for some of the empty Xmas eve. Next year, I resolve to cook my own turkey. tempted mar after watching the cooking tips from astro channel 703!

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