Wednesday, January 2, 2008

29 Dec 2007 - A day to remember

I will remember that day for a long long time. It will be a day that I will be telling my kids and grand kids and grand grand kids about and perhaps new culture and tradition will come about because of this tale! 29 Dec would be the day the world (actually my parents & family) knows about our intention to be married this year and I will be moving to KL to be with my future hubby! And boy oh boy, what a day it was. (ok ok, I am exaggerating!!!)

It started with me waking up at 8am to clean the house. Took me about 3 hours to clean the 2 living room and the washroom. And then I had my lunch and proceed to cut the fruit jelly I made the night before. The jelly turn out really nice and pretty. (haiyahhh....I forgotten to take pic). Babe's mom sponsored butter cake, cheesecake and choc chip cake. So, cut those too and arrange them nicely on plates. The cakes smells really wonderful and very buttery. Babe's sis said that its actually butter oil and not real butter smell. Maybe I will try that for CNY baking later if I can find them.

Around 2pm, my handphone start to receive sms from babe's sis asking for direction and whether we are ready, etc. I found out that they will arrive in 4 cars (gasp!!). 3pm, arrival of:

Babe's mom
Babe's eldest sis + 3 kids
Babe's 2nd sis + 2 kids
Uncle YB & auntie
Auntie N + Hubby and daughter
Auntie P
Uncle D+ Wife
Babe's eldest auntie's daughter
Total : 17 ppl

I heard that there were suppose to be another uncle + wife from Sri Aman whom planned to come down and join the party but had to cancel last minute as he had important dinner that night. Another uncle (hubby of auntie P) also planned to join them but had to cancel too as he need to go back to work that day. Apparently, uncle P and Uncle N do not usually attend this kind of funtion. And Uncle YB & auntie came down from Sri Aman the day before for this and need to be back to Sri Aman that night for the important dinner too.

Again, I feel so loved and accepted by my babe's family (grin like a silly cow)

Anyway, the thing started with Uncle YB stating their purpose of the visit and asking for permission to proceed to plan for the wedding, etc. My dad looks calm and I suspect he knows what was the purpose of the visit anyways (I was instructed many times not to mention the purpose of the visit to my parents because they will do it ..geez). My mom on the other hand, was totally in shocked. (bluek!). No agreement on hantaran, tables, date, etc was discussed at the time since the purpose of the visit was just to ask for permission to proceed to start planning~! (Never knew so many procedures and protocol!)

So, now I am just waiting for my dad to say something to me. Apparently, he is very excited about this too according to my brother and he is planning to ask the elders what is the culture or 'correct' way to proceed. I guess he must be since he asked me to go take the video camera after the 'official' part is over.

Me on the other hand, is relieved that at my parents and all those that matters is aware of our plan to get married this year and can proceed once my dad decides he is ready to talk. Am also glad that this has indirectly informed my parents that I will be joining my babe in KL and leaving my family nest to start a new nest. Feeling sad and 'pu seh tek' but excited at the same time!

My babe is of course very very very happy and he actually sent me a mms with his super big smiley happy cute face!!! hahaha!!

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