Thursday, January 3, 2008

My CNY Baking List - Part II

ooo...suddenly tot of something else on top of the list I have listed the other day. You know those seaweed wrap in popiah skin and deep fried. I never make that before but I hear that it is pretty easy to make. I really like that but the ready made ones are rather expensive. Just a small packet can cost RM5. With the inflation rate, I think most likely it will go up even more! Ok, so adding that to my list under Others.

1. Pineapple tart
2. Cheddar Cheese
3. Melting moments
4. Shortbread
5. Choc chip cookie

1. Choc cheese cake
2. No bake cheese cake
3. Horlick Coffee Cake
4. Butter cake

1. Fruit jelly
2. Seaweed popiah

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Shannen said...


can u share with us on the choc cheese cake recipe ?