Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Year, Another Chapter

This is part II of Another Year, Another Chapter! sigh~! Yes, still feeling melancholic thinking back to the lonely New Year eve on 31 Dec 2007! I was on the road with my parents and sister for more than 10 hours! We drove from Sibu to Bintulu and straight from Bintulu to Kuching after that. We left Sibu at around 9am and reach Bintulu by 11 something. After dad finish running his errant, we went to tapau KFC to eat on the road for our lunch. We had previously spend a night in Sibu. We drove from Kuching at around 9.30am and arrived in Sibu at around 4pm. So, rather leisure trip as we stop a few times on the way for food.

I think it must either be the tiredness or me still sick (or combination of both) but I was really short temper. Imagine me shouting at the personnel in KFC for being slow and keep on making mistakes with my order. I usually don't do that because I believe that as customer service provider by profession, I must always maintain my cool and be calm. But that day, I was really really really impatient and geram! I am not sure what the manager/supervisor of that KFC outlet was doing placing two new person together to main a counter! One girl, I believe is the newer of the 2, will just stand there and look so blur. She will just do what the other person tell her to do and not more! I got so fed up that I actually had to tell her, 2 cups of soft drink, not one. Then she slowly take out another paper cup and fill it with soft drink. On top of that, the other guy (also new but not as new as the girl since he is the one manning the cash register), cannot even understand the order that I gave him!! I asked for Combo 1 with original chicken and rice snack plate Hot & spicy, please give me thigh and drum only. Simple right???? How can someone muddle up something so simple! geez!!! I was so fed up of repeating my order (with increasing louder volume) and thank goodness the supervisor FINALLY realised something is up. I still feel geram thinking about it!

The trip back from Bintulu was really really a long one. We left at around 1pm and reach Kuching at 10.30pm. We only made 1 stop and dad basically drove all the way back. We wanted him to let me drive but he insist that he was not tired and will get us all back to Kuching in one piece....(what was that all about?????) Anyway, along the way, we did make a few minutes stop at a patch of land with some durian trees. Seeing the big thorny fruit hanging on the trees like grapes really makes me wonder how in the world did God managed to think that up?? I did take some videos. Will try to upload them here soon.. hehehe...Apparently, that is on the land that my grandpa left for my dad!

Also, I noticed that along the way (especially Sibu -Miri road) there are really alot of wild orchids. I think it is the time they bloom? It looks really really really nice. Was kinda tempted to pluck some home to plant them but decided not to. I took some picture and videos too. Will post them also soon....Some of the orchid patches sure will look nice as the backdrop scenery for wedding photos..bluek!!!!!!!


Nick Phillips said...

I've had my fair share of rude KFC waiters in my lifetime. I'm not being insulting to all those other KFC waiters and waitresses but I think at least 90% of them are just plain lazy, rude and don't use their brains when they work!

Boy, 10 hours of driving would have made me real grumpy too ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Nick - thank goodness I am not alone in this!!! But actually this is the first time I encounter such bad service from KFC. Usually they are rather cordial and efficient...
Sigh..just my luck..on new year eve too!