Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I feel Stupid Today

I finally got the cottonwool out of my head. Well, most of it anyway. The remaining cottonwool I am trying to chug my nescafe kaw (thick) as fast as I can to soak the remaining cottonwool and hopefully the cotton will be wet enough that it is washed out through my system entirely after lunch. I guess it was not such a good idea to have long holidays after all. I mean, imagine trying to resurrect the dead brain after 9 days of inactivity and stress-less time! I cant imagine those coming back to work after 2 months off for maternity leave! Things can change and happened in a week, what more to say 2 months!

(lunch break!!)

Yeah yeah yeah, I only managed to get the one paragraph up before my lunch break but you cant blame me. I just got back from a long long holiday and was still swimming through all the 'important' chain emails in my mailbox. Really cant understand why people cant read AND understand the out-of-office email that pops back to them everytime they send an email to my mailbox. Unless they dont understand what my message mean???? Can you understand what it mean:

Hi, I am out of office on 21 Jan 08 and will be back to work on 28 Jan 08. My back up is XXXXX (email: XXX). Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks.

And on top of that, the daily activities are also flowing in non-stop. Of course, my lady boss just have to add a little bit more workload to me by giving me another system and report related project. And I thought I was being smart by putting current project enhancement in my performance review target for 2008!

I am feeling rather stupid today with all the muddiness. sigh..I can understand why over-achievers actually take pills to hype themselves up and give them more concentration. Not that I am planning to do that mind you! Drugs for 'recreational' purposes is a big no-no for me not matter what. And yes, I do frown on whoever that does that. This is a matter of self-control and self-preservation! Maybe I should get brands chicken essence when I go home later. Or take ginseng drink when I go home. But the last time I took that, I put too much ginseng root into the hot water and end up unable to sleep for 2 nights! geez.....

Really looking forward to the CNY holiday next week. The one week that I had last week just does not seem to be enough. Time seems to fly and before I am even aware of it, I need to catch the flight back to Kuching the Sunday evening already! So, yes, I am looking forward to the CNY holiday especially since the public holiday is on Thursday and Friday. I can imagine myself taking nap at anytime I want and lazing around watching Astro or read my new books!

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