Monday, January 28, 2008

Blabbing about Nothing

I am here again! I need to catch up you know after so many days missing from the blogging world! I actually have blogging withdrawal syndrome that one week that I was away without any internet access at the friend's place that I am staying. I keep on turning on my laptop to post something to my blog but then suddenly remember that I do not have internet connection! AGGHH!!

I keep on bugging my babe that I want to go to Starbuck or anywhere with wifi. And everytime we go out to any shopping mall, I will tell him to bring my laptop backpack in case I have the time to log on. But funny thing is, each and everytime that I go shopping with him, we cant seem to find the time for us to go to Starbuck and me to go online! I mean we lugged the laptop and leave it in the car, promising ourselves (or rather myself) that we will come back for it when we want to have our break or coffee. But no matter what, never did it. There was just never enough time. Those shopping malls really takes up alot of time. Even a simple fast browsing at the smallest place (eg. Subang Parade) takes up to 3hours!

Of course, babe just had to go to every shoe shop, especially hushpuppies to look for a particular shoes that he likes that is currently on 50% sale but despite going to so many different hushpuppies outlets (I think we went to abt 6), all do not have the size 7 that he want. It seems that everytime he have his heart set on a particular shoe at hushpuppies, there never seem to have size 7 when it is on sale. I just dont have the heart to tell him I want to go online for blogging when I saw his sad disappointed face! It almost make me want to beg on bended knees for the salesgal to please check with their other outlets...

Even the free wifi at the lobby of the hotel that I was staying in was not working on the day that I actually have time after the training. In the end, I went to Starbuck in the shopping mall that was linked to it. Somehow, time just flies and I only managed to get 2 posts up that day. Good thing that I do not have any assignments from people like nuffnang or Adsense yet. Or else I will be sure to get blacklisted for not completing assignments.

I know, I know. I am rambling on about nothing almost. But I have not unpack anything yet, including downloading the pictures that I took while I was there. Didnt take much pic though. Blame it on the old muddled brain of mine and my babe for not reminding me! He practically swallowed all the food that I cooked for him like a vacuum cleaner before I have the chance to remember my camera! Almost each time, he will be eating more than 2 plates of rice! hahaha.. But I am happy of course because he likes the homecook food that I made for him.

I told babe that if I move to KL to work next time, I dont think I will have the time to cook everyday! He will have to do his share of the cooking since his workplace is about 15minutes from where he is staying now. No jam, no stress and not too much work. And hence, seldom having to OT. He can be home by 6pm usually! I doubt I will be so lucky as that and able to find something so near to his work place. Most likely will need to commute at least 1 hr daily to and from work. So, I told him, he has to share with the cooking if he want homecook food. Guess what he said? OK~ Yah happy right and then he said, he will cook the rice and the rest wait for me. PENGSAN (FAINTZ!!) hahaha!


Nick Phillips said...

I'd have gone crazy if I had no access for one week ... LOL!

3 hours in Subang Parade? I'm absolutely sick of that place ... LOL!

Rose said...

Jen, trust me, next time u work and stay in KL, you wouldnt want to go shopping anymore! u fed up with it!

The reason u want to spend long times there now is becos u r there on holiday trip........hahaha! I hardly spend more than 1 hour in The Spring and Boulevard myself. afterall, i can drive and go there anytime! hehehe!

Er, cooking? sure or not? i think u would be eating more take away than homecook food! Cant depend on men to cook for u! Trust me, i know. they said only to please u but in the end, u would be the one doing the cooking! :)

Jen's Place said...

Nick, I think I almost did go crazy. But my babe wishes (ermm..command?) for homecook food and quality time with him kept me going...
Well...big Apple donut will be open there soon! I love the donuts!

Jen's Place said...

u r rite. Babe & I actually pretty much said the same thing. Definitely wont be going out so much if I am working & staying in KL. Imagine daily commute to work is already 1 hr bcos of the jam. Not willing to be jammed just to go shopping!
psstt...I still cant get the oyster mee sua from my mind!!!