Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A New Beginning

As I was blog-hopping again during office hours (yah I just couldn't resist the temptation!sigh!), I realized that that it is almost a month since I started my virgin blogging on blogspot. It has been an interesting journey so far. Starting with me trying to understand the complicated blogging world. Trust me, it is not easy for a non-IT person like myself trying to manipulate the html code. Thank god I have really nice friends that is very willing to help and make my blog look more attractive! (thanksssss people, you know who you are ^_^)

Actually, I am still struggling sometimes and I envy those with really nice 'customised' blogs using self-written template! Makes me wish that I have taken up some programming course or paid more attention during my uni time during the e-business course! We actually had to create an e-business webpage from scratch using html code. I have no doubt that this was the reason that I had to increase my contact lense number from -2.00 to -3.00++. All those source code that I tried to 'borrow' didn't help much too since I tried to modified them to ensure that I dont get sued for stealing:P

On top of that, there is also this craze to earn income while blogging. There are interesting places like smorty that gives assignment to the bloggers and all the bloggers have to do to earn extra income would be to write and post it on their website. Sounds to good to be true. I mean actually getting paid for speaking out your opinion? Of course, you will be given a topic/product/issue to write on but what the heck, I dont see the harm in it. After all, this would be the best time to blah out all your opinion (good and/or bad)! hahaha..good way to release the penned-up frustration!

So, I have registered myself, waiting for them to approve my account. Once done, you will be seeing some assignment on my blog soon! I just hope I will have the time to do this *tsk tsk* seeing that I am trying to be a Good Employee again:P

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