Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Homemade Cheesecake - no bake

This is a really simple recipe that always receive wonderful comments for its rich smooth cheesy taste. Some like it so much that they even bought 3-4 whole cake during charity sales! At one point, I was tempted to open a bakery selling cakes/pastries made of cheese and cakes. But alas, those are just only dreams to be ponder at night before sleeping.

Anyway, the recipe has been modified after years of testing (hehe). So, I am sharing them to whoever interested.

200g Marie biscuit (or any digestive cookie. You can add oreo or choc chip for variety)
250g Butter

1/2kg Soften Cream Cheese (I prefer Anchor cream cheese but you can use any brand)
25ml fresh milk
1 small can of condense milk
2 teaspoon Gelatine
Boiling water

1. Crush the marie biscuit to small pieces. ( I usually throw the whole thing into a plastic bag and crush using rolling pin)
2. Melt the butter
3. Mix the crushed biscuit & butter well.
4. Line the bottom a spring pan
(round or square depend to you. Also if you dont have a spring pan, just line the bottom of the pan with the clear plastic before you line it with the crushed cookies).
5. Press them to form a solid base.
6. Put in the freezer while preparing the topping

1. Cream the cheese with a mixer using medium speed.
2. Add in condensed milk and fresh milk. Mix well.
3. Mix the hot water(about 3-5 tablespoon) to gelatine and stir well.
4. Add the gelatine water mixture to the cheese mixture.
5. Mix with mixer again using medium speed.

1. Take out the base from the freezer.
2. Gently, pour the topping over the base.
3. Leave the cake in the fridge for minimum 3 hours (best if overnight).

You can add variety to the cheesecake by adding blueberry or strawberry jam to the topping. Just pour the jam in after you pour the topping. Take a spatula or spoon and swirl the jam gentle.

Another favourite is of course oreos. Crush the oreos into big chucky pieces and mix them with either the base or toppings.



Rose's World said...

Yum yum! i will sure try once i get myself a baking oven!!

JENN said...

Sounds really good! Its not easy to find too many cakes without eggs. Thanks for the recipe.