Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hiro and Claire

I am absolutely addicted to Heroes. Basically downloaded the whole of season 1 and finish watching the whole series within 2 days!

Now I am 'chasing' after season 2. Have downloaded episod 1-10 so far and am waiting for episod 11. Should be out anytime this week. The plot is getting more and more exciting and unbelievable. They added a few new characters as well. And there is a big twist in the first 10 episode.

I especially like this picture here with the milk moustache! Don't Hiro look cute!!!!!


Dav DiDi said...

Why don't have the picture of Peter Petrelli ????

Hey, my bf says in season 2, Peter got new skills .. he can do fire .. And Claire .. She cuts her toe and the toe comes out again !! Just like lizard.!

Jen's Place said...

wahh hahaha..i dun reli like peter petrelli! Prefer our dear cute hiro! hahahaha