Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1st Timer

This is my first time as a blogger and I must admit, this is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions and then WAHLAH, here I am. Not sure what I will put into the blog yet but generally FOOD, RECIPE, FOOD, RECIPE and more FOOD! For those who knows me, CHEESECAKE RECIPE will definitely be one of the items soon since Chinese New Year is less than 2 months away!

Also planning to polish my writing skills. Been wanting to publish a romance novel for a long time but just couldn't get myself to sit down and do it. Hopefully, this will motivate me especially if there is a following of fans (hint hint!) that keep asking me 'what happen next????'

Of course, how can I forget, will be sharing interesting details of my life too whenever I can. Only fair right since most of the blogger share their passion and interest. So, this is what I intend to do too. By any chance that anyone of you fall asleep after that and get into any kind of trouble, please do not SUE me!! (YES, this is a disclaimer.)

Feel free to drop me comments or suggestions of things/topics that you want to see in my blog!


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