Friday, December 14, 2007

CC Speech 6: Vocal Variety - Memorable Moments

I must say I had fun preparing and presenting my speech 6. Wish I am more motivated to prepare the draft of my speech earlier! This speech was basically prepared in half hour the day before the speech presentation itself. And the next day, I took about 10 min before the Toastmasters meeting to review and make final changes.

In this speech, basically I made use of the fact that it is almost end-of-year and people are pondering on what they have achieved in the previous years and come up with their new year resolution. However, I didn't just review the year 2007 as it is just too short and predictable to do. Hence, I delved even further into the history of my life and divide the speech into 3 segment of lifecycle, i.e. child, teenage and adulthood. As much as possible, I try to inject some humor and change my vocal variety by mimicking.

Below is the draft that I used to prepare for my speech 7 but of course, it is just an outline of what I intend to say and present but I did add on to it during the presentation as sudden moment of inspiration comes...

Finally, start with a clear mind and relax. Most importantly, have fun!




PURPOSE: To tell audience about unforgettable moments during childhood, teenager and adulthood


  • end of year approaching
  • new year resolution?
  • Before that, Look back at life as passing the big 30!~
  • Remembering about silly, happy, sad, exciting events in life



  • childhood – ghostly encounter
  • love to watch ghost movies
  • so scared hide behind pillows/mom/dad/anything
  • now no more but I know some guys rather die than watch ghost movie
  • one nite, watching till late at night
  • mother warned don’t watch and go to bed – nightmares
  • being a kid, just ignore and watch till the end
  • get ready to bed, bed next to window
  • look out of window into the jungle,
  • suddenly see a light floating, getting brighter and brighter
  • run like rocket to my parents room
  • I was 9

  • teenager – have the most 1st time experiences
  • In kuching is all gals school
  • Innocent, naïve, cute….
  • relocated to new school in bintulu, studied for 2.5yrs
  • 1st time in co-ed school
  • 1st time actually see guys fighting over gal - Only seen tat in tv
  • 1st time received love letter & going out on first date.
  • 1st time holding a guy hand & feel his sweaty palm..ugh!
  • 1st time having secret admirer (not so secret since I know who he was!)
  • Many other 1st time – that I will never forget
  • I was 14

  • adulthood –
  • when I was 21, that is the 1st time away from home for long period
  • go to study in Nilai, N9
  • taste of freedom
  • I remember my housemate knocking at my door at 7am for our class at 8am
  • she find me just about to sleep – chatting on my computer!
  • And the time I will skip classes (ssshhh) and go take the ktm to KL for shopping, movie and occasionally, clubbing
  • Last minute cramming for exams and looking like panda the next day
  • Remembering those days really makes me smile sometimes at my silliness
  • Those were the days

So, yah, I had a good 3 decades. Given the choice, there is nothing that I think I want to change in my past. And as the year 2008 approach, I look towards the future and know that I will create many more memories, unpleasant ones to learn from and happy ones to tell my grandchildren about.

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