Friday, December 14, 2007

Roti Canai

Look at this yummy crispy buttery roti canai. Just looking at it makes me wish I am not on a diet and can eat whatever and whenever I want. Alas, I can only tell myself, patience patience and project an image in my head how I will feel when I reached my goal!

In Kuching, one of the best roti canai would be @ Batu Lintang open air. The corner stall only open in the morning and usually they will finish selling everything by 10am. There seems to be something different with their dough because the roti canai kosong (empty) really taste buttery, light, fluffy and slightly crispy.

Another favorite place would be Chilli Padi near Simpang Tiga (near the EPF building). There, you will be spoiled for choice because there are so many variety. From the normal roti canai kosong or telur to the more substantial ones such as cornbeef and cheese. And the teh tarik there is pretty nice too. But be warned, wear something light or risk getting soak with sweat! Because by the time you finish eating in the airless place (not that you notice while you are eating the yummy food), you will need lots of water to replenish back what you lost!

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