Friday, December 14, 2007

IEM Sarawak Toastmasters Meeting (13Dec07)

Went to the IEM Sarawak Toastmasters Meeting yesterday. The meeting started @ 7.45pm and I basically had rushed all the way immediately after work yesterday. Left worked at exactly 5.30pm and rush to Hui Sing for my aerobic session. Luckily I have one of my colleague to constantly remind the time to go! The aerobic started 15 minutes late (suppose to start 6pm). Guess the instructor was caught in the jam.

We did 5min of poco-poco (an Indonesian dance+aerobic) at the end of the aerobic. I tried it for the 2nd time and not sure if the moves are correct. But I think my butt are able to sway more seductively compared to the 1st time. But still not as sexy and mouth watering (salivating) as one of our friend (SH.....) . Then rush to my colleague house at Hui Sing for bath and change (thank you didi!!!)

Rush again to town as the meeting is at one of the shoplot above the old eagle nest. (notice no dinner yet?) But I am glad I went to meeting because I met up with an old friend and also had fun! There were not much participants for the meeting that night but our enthusiasm was more than enough to represent hundreds of people! hahaha...

They have rather unique table topic as the theme was tall tale. So whoever 'volunteered' will be at the mercy of the table topic masters to start telling half truth? Being a guest at the meeting, predicatably, I was chosen to 'volunteer'. So I was mentally prepared for giving impromptu speech for 2 minutes. Had to dispute the previous speaker tall tale about how his belt gives him self-healing abilities by saying that a box of ligo raisin is the true wonder. So, my speech was: The belt dont have supernatural capability other than to hold the other speaker pants up. But Ligo raisin with secret ingredient, heals all, kills cancer cells and makes u bullet proof. hehehe! what a tall tale

At the end, we had supper (finally!!! HUNGRY!!) and reached home around 10pm.

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