Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Calories counting

wow~ Was browsing SparkPeople and discover that calories burn for doing different activities. Most amazing is that Aerobic burns more calories compared to yoga. I always thought they are similar. Anyway, some numbers to share:

All is for 60min but it may varies depend on the person's weight

Yoga---------------- 360
Step-robic-----------950 (wahhhh!!!!)
Water jogging--------700
Running(10min/mile)-900 (wahhhh!!)
Heavy housework ---400
Line dancing---------400
Gardening-----------300 (boohooo..almost same as yoga!!)

So conclusion is, if you are looking for fast weight lost, then go for aerobic (even better step aerobic). However, I can personally also say that yoga has its own benefit. Yoga is a good stress reliever and helps to have better blood circulation. And hence, improving youthfulness.

So, perhaps, the best is to have a combination of different activities for more variety and motivation to continue exercising to keep healthy.

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