Thursday, December 27, 2007


I was reading an interesting article today emailed by a friend to me on plateau. Plateau is when the weight lost had suddenly stop eventhough you were doing the usual activities that has helped you to lost weight previously. This could be happening either because your body had managed to evolve and adapt to the activities that you are on or simply the activities is not 'heavy' enough for your new bodyweight/fitness level.

Hence, when this happens, the health & fitness experts recommend the following:

1. Lift some weight
This is where you start on your strength training and try to build more muscle, increase lean mass and strengthen the bone. Ultimately, the goal is to boost and increase the metabolism of your body. So, start by using 1kg dumb bell and strengthen the arm and shoulder. Or join the gym and get professional advice.

2. Varies your food intake
I know, this might sound weird to some of you but variety in your food intake not because it will keep things interesting but the different calories intake will also help to prevent the plateau. So, suggestion is perhaps instead of strictly keeping to 1800 calories daily. Perhaps you can keep to 1600calories for 1-2days and then increase to 2000calories for another day. This will also allow you to give yourself the occasional treat without feeling guilty.

3. Exercise
I know that you been also told to have variety of exercise routine so that you won't be bored with the same thing daily. However, there is another good reason for the different exercise routine. Different exercise work different group of body parts and muscle. By keeping a variety, then you can ensure that you body does not only get a full workout but also ensuring that your body do not adapt to the routine when you have achieve the optimum level of fitness for that muscle group. There are really alot of activities that you can do. For example, yoga, aerobic, line dancing, self-defense classes, hip-hop and so forth.

4. Change food group
This is similar to number 2 but instead on concentrate on just the calories, you need to look at the type of food intake as well. For example, high carb occassionally and then switch to high protein once in a while. Try to mix match abit and see the difference. Perhaps for breakfast, instead of 2 slices of bread and peanut butter, switch to sausages and eggs.

5. Change ways of eating
If you been eating just three meals per day, try to add in snacks in between meals but make sure that you reduce the portion of the main meal! This is a good way to 'trick' your body. The idea is when you snack, you will eat less for main meal. Just make sure that you remember the portion control.

So, the conclusion is continue to eat the healthy way but change and vary the food quantity, type and frequency abit. As for exercise, try to do something new once in a while. For example, if you been jogging daily, try aerobic once or twice per week. Listen to your body. If it is bored, the it will stay stagnant and you will be in a plateau without even realising it!!

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