Friday, January 8, 2010

I am alive!

I am here! YAYYY!!! HAHA! Yar, I know..practically disappeared from cyber-world for more than 2 months. Not by choice mind you..had to since I quit my previous job and had to return the super new company laptop and at the same time, my home laptop decided to go die on me. So, I paid for 2months of internet for NOTHING! If you ask how come I dont go online while I am in the office, well..number 1, I am simply too frigging busy to even think of doing any chatting, blogging, surfing or anything that is not related to work...

2ndly, the office network is monitor by the group IT. Hence, never wise to do much blogging especially when this is where I release all my frustration about EVERYTHING! Would not be wise say something like:I am damn bored at work... right? HAHA! But I am not bored at work la. Far from it, I am so busy that I am practically doing overtime almost everyday. Official office hour is 8.30am to 5.30pm. I will usually only leave office at 6.30pm and that is consider as early. Most time, I only leave at 7pm.

I can only thank god that I am staying near enough now that I dont have to fight stupid jam. To be frank, the work itself is a no brainer. Just that there is so much paperwork and baby sitting that so much time are wasted. Imagine, just to get the requisition approved, need approval from the boss on the purchase requisition form and then the procurement have to enter into the system we are using which the boss have to approve another round! To me, so much redundancy work....

There are alot of other areas that I can see is doing similar redudant repeative non value add work and I am trying to slowly reduce the inefficiency but there is only so much that I can do as one person. Can be very frustrating because it is not a simple matter of telling the group the goal but also need to spell out EXACTLY how to reach the goal. Even missing a single step in the process to reach it will mean the whole group will be stucked at the particular item for ages!!! GGGR!!! Anyway, we will just wait & see.

Short one for now. Want to watch tv! :P